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A convergence of clean lines, pure shapes, and scalable systems define Kirei's EchoPanel® acoustic collection.

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EchoPanel® is

Kirei's EchoPanel® acoustic design elements can be grouped in random or repeatable arrays to create visual interest in large spaces.

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EchoPanel® is

EchoPanel® panels can be cut, printed, or shaped to act as a background or stand out as a defining visual element while controlling acoustics.

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EchoPanel® is

From earthy and rich, to light and airy– a full palette of color options to inspire designers to create productive spaces.

From Bottles To Beauty

Echo Panel Bottles To Beauty

Invented and launched by Woven Image in 2004, EchoPanel® is the original patent-protected acoustic panel with a decorative felt-like finish and impressive sustainability credentials. EchoPanel is pinnable, lightweight, printable, and easy to cut and install, making it ideal for multiple acoustic applications including walls, ceilings, and partitions.

Made from 100% PET containing at least 60% post-consumer recycled material, over 291 million plastic bottles have been diverted from landfills to become EchoPanel products around the world. EchoPanel is considered a low-VOC emitting material, is Class A fire rated, and is recyclable at the end of it life.

Kirei's EchoPanel design elements are made in the USA to order and lead times vary depending on items, quantities, and availability. Please contact us for questions on lead times.

Echo Panel Bottles To Beauty

The World of EchoPanel

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Industry Leading Green Certification

“These panels are a fantastic alternative to MDF or metal when structural rigidity is not required. Kirei offers so much flexibility in patterning, texture, and color. The brand’s acoustic panels are also easy to handle. We recently specified them for a retail project in Nashville to create a lightweight, open ceiling that visually conceals all of the infrastructural elements running above.”

- James Slade, Founding Principal at Slade Architecture

“There are numerous options on the market for baffles, but Kirei’s EcoSky offers a lightweight, easy to install system, at a reasonable cost. The roof in this building was not designed for additional concentrated load, but EcoSky posed no problem. It was also selected because of its pre-designed suspension frame. The contractor didn’t have to build the support and try to figure out how to space the baffles appropriately. The frame is sleek and easily supported from the ceiling.”

- Corina Hopkins, Architectural Designer at Landry | Cekauskas ARCHITECTURE

“Acoustics are ingrained in my design thinking and process, so I just do it from the get-go, since it is a crucial element of the design. We specified Kirei’s baffles for our project because they looked really cool and helped absorb the sound that is produced so there is less reverberation.”

- Sidi Gomes, Principal Designer at Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Design Studio