Custom-printed acoustic panels celebrating the work of contemporary artists with disabilities.

Art with Impact

ArtLifting advances access to the art market for artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity by connecting their art with socially conscious customers. Kirei is proud to partner with ArtLifting to expand their reach and impact.

Kirei x ArtLifting

With ArtLifting and Kirei Ink custom printing, you’ll create innovative and socially impactful acoustic designs you and your clients can feel good about.

Make Your Values Visible

ArtLifting is a diverse supplier enabling you to contribute to ESG and CSR initiatives with tangible social impact data. Activate DEI and accessibility initiatives by building an inclusive environment while creating economic opportunities for artists with disabilities.

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Create Impact

ArtLifting is a Public Benefit Corporation and certified women's business enterprise, creating economic opportunities through its "business for good" model. Artists earn 55% of profits from art sales and royalties. An additional 1% is contributed to the ArtLifting Community Impact Fund which provides grants and support to art programs and individual artists.

Supported by Design Services

Getting started with ArtLifting and Kirei is simple. Let us know your desired location, application type, and aesthetic direction, and the Carnegie Design Services team will supply layouts and budgets based on the provided elevations.

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“People in need don't want a handout, they want the opportunity to change their lives."

-Liz Powers, ArtLifting Co-Founder and CEO

Artwork by Stacey Williams, Allen Chamberland, and
Alicia Sterling Beach © 2024 ArtLifting, PBC.
Photos courtesy ArtLifting.