Aug 22nd 2019

3 Kirei Design Elements Designers Love


Solving for acoustics is the intelligent choice when you’re designing any space. By putting three Kirei design elements designers love into play, you ensure the project’s final outcome fully aligns with the aesthetics, sustainability and overall function you — and your client — want to achieve.

With more than 20 styles to choose from in our product portfolio, each one available in 27 colors and additional options for customization, Kirei always delivers fresh inspiration. That means you’ve got plenty of choices to surprise and delight when it involves the look and sound you require.

To make the selection process easier on you, we connected with designers and installers who love our products and once again confirmed that some of the best things in life really do come in threes.

Here’s what they love about these top three Kirei products and why they stand out from everything else we have to offer.

PET Panels

Starting with the most adaptable of products, it’s no surprise the classic PET Panel has continued to be one of the more popular design elements from Kirei.

Why is that? This acoustic product is completely customizable and is not limited by wall and ceiling constraints. The pliable material of PET can be cut into custom shapes, integrated with multiple colors, or even applicable with custom printed pictures and patterns.

PET doesn’t stop there — it’s perfect for integrating into existing furniture.

For example, designers have opted to include it as backing in shelves or hidden under sitting stools, creating a subtle, adaptive acoustic solution.

Let’s say you have a greater need for acoustic dampening and would like to have it go somewhat unnoticed. PET Panels prove it’s a camouflage all its own.

It’s great at blending into any room, keeping you focused on overall sound quality and less on distracting, frivolous design.

As you can see, the versatility of PET is utilized by designers for multiple intentions, and it is the job of Kirei to provide an easy process for you to customize, specify, and install even the most unconventional requests.

Simple Baffle

Next up, the Simple Baffle hangs high in tall ceilings, creating a distinct style admired by many.

It’s no surprise that the Simple Baffle is a favored choice amongst the design community. This product, like PET Panels, can also be completely customizable in shape and color.

You can opt for a classic monochromatic scheme, or you can add vibrancy to a space with careful pops of color. Many designers have also chosen to add a layer of dimension to baffles by implementing fun, dynamic swoops.

Simple Baffles can be suspended by cable or mounted directly into the ceiling, making it easy to adjust the height to the specific environmental needs. These baffles are enough to be admired visually, maintaining a high-quality, purposeful look.

However, let’s not forget the true functionality of the baffle design.

As the design element is suspended from the top, the EchoPanel material is exposed to capture reverberation that is commonly caused by open-spaces.

While the Simple Baffles remain a top three, all-time popular choice, you may also opt to choose acoustic Clouds as a suspended ceiling treatment. Both are equally timeless and functional in their design, but it ultimately boils down to design preferences and budgets.


Speaking of Clouds, we’ve saved one of the more unique products for last. EchoStar is the most favored PET “cloud” fixture to date for its acoustic functionality as well as its clever design.

Designers have been known to gravitate towards EchoStar for the sheer purpose of providing dramatic dimension to an otherwise bland space.

Since EchoStar is suspended from cables, it is most suitable for high-ceiling environments. As taller ceilings create more potential for echo, this design element features peaks and valleys which reflect and absorb unwanted noise.

When it comes to EchoStar placement, this acoustical design element can truly tie a space together when placed appropriately. Designers have been known to group them into clusters and rivers for a more creative effect.

Here to Help You Inspire a Beautiful World

With a vast array of functional design elements, Kirei is breaking the mold for acoustical solutions. Gone are the days of bulky, drab and lifeless acoustic material.

Kirei and PET products are here today to brighten your space and enhance your atmosphere — sustainably, and beautifully.

Easy on your eyes and ears.
Easy on our planet.
Easy on you.

We are always here to help you inspire a beautiful world. Feel free to request free samples, and contact a Kirei rep in your area today for more information