Sep 23rd 2021

3 New Dynamic and Customizable Acoustic Products That Make a Space


Most rooms sound terrible and most people don't know what to do about it.

Kirei creates great-looking architectural design elements that are iconic, easy to specify and install, are made from recycled content, and improve the acoustics and functionality of any room.

Today, Kirei proudly introduces Space Makers.

Because you are bold enough to believe that a room is not just four walls, that it can be more than that. It can be a place to live, to play, to eat, to heal… to not just work but to create. Kirei is here to help you create the rooms you envision with our new Space Makers collection.

The three new eco-friendly products in the Space Makers Collection—Simple Baffle+, Racetrack Tiles, and Sync Tiles—are designed to create dynamic spaces through unique forms, iconic design, industry leading health properties, and more than 30 color options.

The Space Makers collection empowers architects and designers to create individualized spaces that fit their clients’ style and sound as good as they look. Installation is a breeze with easy hanging baffles and tiles that can be installed with simple construction adhesive.

Products in the Space Makers collection can be the focal point of a space or play a supporting role – the modular design of the products allows them to be as eye-catching or subdued as the designer wants. By enabling designers to have the creative freedom of working with the numerous color and size options as they wish, the Space Makers collection can be used to create either consistency and flow or variation between rooms, buildings, or campuses.

Simple Baffle+, Racetrack Tiles, and Sync Tiles join the existing suite of Kirei’s celebrated EchoPanel® products, providing architects and designers with a seemingly endless array of customizable, eco-friendly acoustic solutions that cater to any acoustic and aesthetic requirement. EchoPanel, a registered trademark of Woven Image®, is a sustainable design material made from 100% PET plastic and containing at least 60% post-consumer content. EchoPanel products have diverted over 250 million plastic bottles away from landfills and into premium architectural acoustic products.

The Space Makers collection includes three products, available in Kirei's assortment of more than 30 solid colorways. No other architectural PET product line has as many on trend colors as Kirei:

Simple Baffle+

Featuring six iconic new shape variants (Lipstick, Capsule, Cutout, Pointed, Spline, Void), these baffles turn any ceiling into a visual landscape. Simple Baffle+ is highly customizable, even allowing users to design their own profile. The Baf Track™ hardware makes these acoustic ceiling products easy to install, level, and align. As an expansion of the existing Simple Baffle, one of Kirei’s most popular products, Simple Baffle+ allows for easy specification of profiles while delivering inspiration for designer’s custom ideas. Customization options include mixing and matching baffle profiles, flipping and rotating shapes, and creating any custom profile the designer can envision.

Racetrack Tiles

The modular system of Racetrack Tiles allows users to make an almost infinite amount of feature walls in an instant. With beveled edges, each Racetrack Tile is forgiving and easy to install on less than perfect walls. No matter the size of the space, EchoTile Racetrack scales with a spec as easy as its timeless design. The six tile styles (Path, Tee, Intersection, Double Curve, Curve, and Plane) seamlessly align with one another to create beautifully distinct patterns. Designers can choose between creating wild patterns or subdued designs while improving occupant health through Racetrack’s health certifications and acoustic properties.

Sync Tiles

Designed in seven sizes (11.5 x 11.5, 11.5 x 23, 11.5 x 46, 23 x 23, 23 x 46, 46 x 46, 46 x 96), Sync Tiles give users the opportunity to mix and match styles and shapes. Paired nicely with Racetrack Tiles, these geometric tiles are completely modular. With a near endless array of pattern options, Sync gives designers freedom all with a simple spec. The simple beveled edge adds a unique architectural detail while being forgiving on uneven surfaces, and construction adhesive makes this product seamless to install.

A room isn’t just a room, it is a place for you to make a better future. The Space Makers collection can elevate a simple room and transform it into a space where people feel comfortable and creative.
- John Stein, President of Kirei

Space Makers

Because a space without Kirei is no space at all.

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