Aug 30th 2019

4 New Kirei Products That Cut Through the Noise


Summer — it’s the season where ideas heat up with action. And Kirei experienced just that, delivering four new products that cut through the noise as industry-leading acoustic solutions.

The Kirei summer launch products feature sharp lines and edges that inspire the beautiful, clean, modern look you crave. Ziggy Clouds, Diamond Clouds, Diamond Tiles, and Tartan Tiles arrive to help you achieve purer room acoustics, better sound absorption and more efficiency in your space.

Ziggy Clouds

Starting with one of the newest acoustic cloud additions, Ziggy is a modular, dual-design element that is ideal for open, high-ceiling spaces — and those more complicated ceiling layouts. With 12mm of PET Panels, Ziggy easily dampens overhead reflections, while sitting above your space with a minimalist edge.

This statement piece derives its clean folds from Ridge Tiles with increased design flexibility as a cloud installation. The integration of the folded design adds texture and dimension with its sharp pleats and dual aluminum tubes.

Ziggy Cloud is here to easily solve your acoustical dilemmas:

  • The simple, repeatable design lets you install one or several Ziggy units to create the overhead design of your choice
  • Easily select attachment points for your ceiling — and maneuver around obstacles — with its flexible, quick-mount cloud hanging feature
  • Ziggy also features a series of inserts and loops for easy installation, so no drilling or complicated assembly is required

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Diamond Clouds

A beautiful fusion of acoustics and aesthetics, Diamond Cloud makes its way into the Kirei acoustic family.

We developed a tailored approach to Diamond Clouds based on designer feedback and the requests for more compact, three-dimensional hanging acoustics for smaller spaces, such as high-ceiling conference rooms and open offices.

Diamond Clouds also offer better sound absorption at lower frequencies with its 187 in³ of airspace. With more placement versatility due to its cluster design options, creating a statement piece that shines is as simple as a 2-, 5- or 10-Diamond cluster setup.

Put Diamond Clouds to work in your next project:

  • Diamond Clouds comes in single, 2-, 5- and 10-Diamond clusters to create unique designs that integrate into any space
  • Hang Diamond Clouds above you as a cloud hanging fixture for more installation versatility while easily maneuvering around any ceiling obstacles in its way

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Diamond Tiles

The Diamond form has style for days, and we weren’t about to waste it. While Diamond Cloud was developed from designer feedback, we adapted the Diamond form into a tile to allow for direct wall and ceiling installation. The Diamond is a perfect form to create iconic pieces with functional purpose and to allow for a playful collaboration between wall and ceiling acoustics.

We’re truly proud of the design flexibility of Diamond Clouds and Diamond Tiles. And with their enhanced acoustics, both offer a beautiful design element that fully aligns with their sound dampening agenda.

Diamond Tiles are an edgy, acoustic wall and ceiling solution:

  • Diamond Tiles come in single, 2-, 5- and 10-Diamond clusters to create unique designs that integrate into any space
  • Diamond Tiles can be combined in design with Diamond Clouds for a unique ceiling cloud and wall-tile look
  • Diamond Tiles also feature a unique three-dimensional design that’s perfect for smaller spaces

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Tartan Tiles

Savor more acoustical tranquility in your space with the harmonious lines of Tartan Tiles. These 12mm tiles add discreet sound absorption to walls and ceilings, helping you preserve a hushed, serene environment while employing a more classic look.

Tartan Tiles are a natural extension of the grooved Vee Tiles found in our acoustic tile family. It’s inspired by the crisscrossed horizontal and vertical band patterns (often referred to as “plaid”) that are associated with the woven wool of Scottish kilts.

Perfect for large and small walls alike, Tartan Tiles can be repeated or randomized to your liking.

Visually striking with a sonic difference that’s palpable once they’re up, consider Tartan Tiles a wonderful essential for any room:

  • Change up the pattern based on the tile direction for a customizable look
  • Enjoy no-hassle, easy installation with construction adhesive
  • Plus, they adhere to any flat surface, wall or ceiling

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Kirei Is Always Eco-Friendly

We take our connection with nature seriously — even more so during summer when we really get to enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Like all of the PET products we make, the ones in our summer launch feature materials that have been sustainably sourced, made from post-consumer plastic, and embody our mission to inspire a beautiful world.

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