Mar 27th 2018

6 Interior Trends We’re Already in Love With This Year

John Stein

The year is still young, but we’re already thrilled about the interior design trends we’ve seen these last few months. From statement ceilings to biophilia, we can’t wait to show you the styles that have created a buzz in 2018.

This year is all about elevating colors, shapes, and textures to create a design that’s eye-catching and uniquely captures your style and personality.

1. Colors That Make a Bold Impression

This year is about going big and bold, especially when it comes to your interior color palette.

While we love the dusty pinks and warm grays that we’ve seen recently, saturated hues are making a big splash on walls, furniture and other surfaces.

Need help choosing a shade that conveys your personality? Start with one (or a few) of this year’s on-trend colors: deep greens, reds, oranges and blacks. Or check out the Pantone® color of the year everyone’s talking about, Ultra Violet.

To keep your space from looking mismatched, start by introducing bold colors sparingly on an accent wall, sofa, or rug. Once you’ve established a focal point for the room, add in other colors to complement the design.

Remember: less is more, and with fewer distractions competing for attention, your statement pieces will be able to shine!

2. Add Curves to Create Visual Interest

“I’m telling you right now: curves and arches are huge this year,” says interior designer Jacquelyn Clark.

From furniture to architecture, there are countless ways to incorporate this trend without compromising your design. Looking for an instant wow-factor without the commitment? Consider a curved couch or coffee table for movable decor that can be updated every few years.

If you’re into a more timeless look and a remodel is in your budget, a curved archway, doorway, or window frame adds character in places that are often overlooked.

3. Statement Ceilings That Will Impress

If you’re itching to make a real impact, think outside your walls and look up!

Like statement walls, statement ceilings can set the tone of a room. Sure, you can go with a bold color or even a pattern, but this is your opportunity to get even more creative!

Create a three-dimensional look with intricate details, or go simpler with shiplap or tile. This is a chance to play with color, patterns, and textures for varying interest.

Pro tip: opt for lighter colors to open up your room, or make an expansive space feel more intimate with darker shades.

4. Metallics That Add Elegance

One of the best things about metal is that it goes with everything. The tricky part? Choosing the right metal to match your design. This year, however, the matching game just got a lot easier.

Welcome to 2018, also known as the year where mixing metals is not only okay, it’s encouraged.

Brass is this year’s warm-hued metal of choice, while silver-colored metals make their way onto the scene for a touch of cool. Integrate various shades into your cabinetry, wall accents, or light fixtures for a pop of sheen. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate one-of-a-kind vintage metallic elements, particularly those that might be difficult to color match otherwise.

5. Luxurious Textures to Warm Your Space

There’s no time like the present to enjoy life to the fullest, so why not add a little luxury to your space?

Plush fabrics like velvet add warmth and rich texture to living areas, and they look great in this year’s bold jewel tones. Detailed embellishments like tassels and sophisticated rug textures create an even more inviting environment that’s as cozy as it is elegant.

6. Add a Touch of Organic Appeal

Whether literal or abstract, plants are back and bigger than ever. Fill sun-soaked spaces with indoor-friendly greenery like ivy, succulents, or a lush leafy variety.

Just as important as the plants are the containers you display them in, so choose something stunning! Metals, natural materials, and handmade ceramics are great options, and look good when mixed and matched.

If light is scarce or you’re looking for something more low-maintenance, choose a leafy print over the real thing.

Wallpaper, upholstery, curtains, you name it — botanical prints look great on just about any surface. This EchoScreen from Kirei provides a sound-absorptive and customized solution to designers looking for something functional and appealing.

Create a Space That Inspires You

Whatever tone you choose for your design, be sure to let loose and have fun with your design.

A space is most successful when those who inhabit it feel a connection to their surroundings, so don’t be afraid to add extra colors and accessories that convey your personality. At the end of the day, there are no right or wrong choices when it comes to creating a space you love.