Jul 27th 2017

7 Colorful Office Products to Boost Creativity

John Stein

The Power of Color

Color can seriously impact productivity. It seems obvious (especially if you are a designer or architect), but many people take the power of color for granted. The University of Texas actually conducted a study that found neutrals – think the typical white, gray, brown – negatively affected worker productivity and mood.

Unsurprisingly, bland, boring colors do little to spark creativity. But consistently, office desks, cubicles and partitions seem to rely heavily on these drab hues. So what can you do to spruce up your office vibes?

Whether you are designing a brand new office space or revamping your little corner in a sea of cubicles, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of our favorite eye-catching, colorful office products that are sure to help boost productivity!

Colorful Office Products

1) Area rug

An area rug under a conference table or even your desk can tie a room together and adds some vibrancy to typically boring office floors. Remember, different colors evoke different emotions. Go moody with a deep red or calm the space down with some blue hues.

2) Wall tiles

If you’ve got some white walls that can use a pop of color, there are some easy-to-install tiles that can seriously update the design game in your space. Tiles can come in a wide variety of colors to match your decor and can also help absorb sound (design-friendly & sound-friendly!)

3) Filing cabinet

A small addition that can go a long way: switch up your filing cabinet for something bright and eye-catching! If your cabinet is attached to your desk, don’t worry: there are some great DIY instructions on how to cover your filing cabinet with wallpaper (yes: WALLPAPER!) Easy peasy (for the most part) and a budget-friendly way to add colorful office products to your space.

4) Flower pots

Who can’t use a little green in their space? When a plant wall isn’t an option, look no further than bright pots to hold your indoor plants. There are many out there that are colorful, and some even are self-watering! Sounds like the perfect colorful office product to us!

5) Office chairs

Similar to a filing cabinet, consider swapping out your boring black office chair for a bright colored (and still ergonomically friendly!) chair! Irene Turner makes unique colorful chair designed with your back and body in mind.

6) Partitions

Throw up some “walls” with some bright colored partitions in an open office. This adds both color and privacy to the space (which are both very beneficial to creativity at times). So many partitions and systems come in a variety of colors, so matching decor and choosing inspiring colors shouldn’t be an issue.

7) Wall Prints & Pictures

A very budget friendly option to add some color to your space: throw up some prints! Whether you get a huge piece to hang in a lobby or conference room or some small pictures to pin to your cubicle wall, this is an easy solution to spice up the office.

Spruce Up Your Space

Color can really affect you, so be sure you are using colors correctly! There are even some online color charts you can use to help you plan your office vibes (if you aren’t a professional interior designer or architect). Color isn’t the only factor in a space that can affect creativity and productivity. Noise can dampen those too. Check out these tips to help improve the sound in your office space!