Oct 27th 2021

Add Color and Subtract Noise with the EchoStar+


Just like that magical moment when Dorothy arrives in Oz, the EchoStar+ has landed in a whole new world of colors. Our newest iteration of this dramatic acoustic product provides designers with the most extensive recycled PET color palette on the market to easily customize their clients’ spaces. Gone are the days of gray skies. Brighten boring ceilings with shades of blue or liven up any space with EchoStar+ in lavender or lime. With yellows as bright as the brick road and reds as radiant as ruby slippers, EchoStar+ empowers designers like you to take on the harsh, echoey ceilings of the world in full color.

Adding Color

Expanding on one of our most dimensional and unique ceiling products, the EchoStar+ adds more color and sound control to the collection while keeping the environment and occupant health in mind. While the EchoStar is made of 7mm recycled PET felt and limited to 5 grayscale colorways, our EchoStar+ is crafted with the 12mm option, which comes in over 30 vivid colors and offers superior sound absorption. With the EchoStar+ in your toolkit, you can make a bold visual statement without making a sound.

Subtracting Noise

Hold onto your high expectations for acoustic control even in high-ceiling environments. On top of a vast array of new colors, the EchoStar+ offers enhanced capabilities to address harsh echoes that come with high ceilings. Unique diamond facets help diffuse noise while the PET felt faces absorb sound waves, controlling the cacophony of larger, open concept environments. EchoStar+ allows designers to express design values while simultaneously helping room occupants communicate freely with minimal noise disruption.

The NRC rating of EchoStar+ varies depending upon configuration. Installation variables, including distance from the ceiling, number of EchoStar+ utilized, and hanging in groups or individually, all impact the final NRC rating of this acoustic element. To gather more specifics on NRC ratings for EchoStar+, please refer to the EchoStar Spec Sheet.

Designing with EchoStar+

EchoStar+ is an aesthetic element as much as an acoustic one, and can be hung in clusters or singularly, in small-format designs or as large-scale dramatic elements to provide a signature look. The cable suspension system allows unique and creative spacing placements with minimal restraints, making it an ideal choice when there are HVAC and sprinkler systems to contend with.

EchoStar+ is favored among acoustic “cloud” fixtures for its functionality as well as its clever design. Designers have been known to gravitate towards EchoStar+ for the sheer purpose of providing dramatic dimension to an otherwise bland space. Since EchoStar+ is suspended from cables, it is most suitable for high-ceiling environments. Create a beautiful statement piece with EchoStar+ that looks stunning in open spaces such as commercial offices with high ceilings, bustling hotel lobbies and large, noisy restaurants.

Each EchoStar+ cloud fixture itself is 5.7 inches deep. When considering EchoStar+ for your space, it’s important to consider the additional 3-5 inches (minimum) taken into account for hanging hardware and cables. EchoStar+ can be hung from high ceilings at a variety of heights depending on the visual effect desired.

Made from EchoPanel®

The EchoStar+ is made from EchoPanel®, a registered trademark of Woven Image®. It is a low VOC, Red List Free material with published ingredient transparency through Declare and third-party certification by Global GreenTag. Made from over 60% recycled PET, each panel diverts 235 single-use plastic bottles from global landfills and waterways. Since 2004, Woven Image has upcycled over 5,125 tons of PET, equivalent to more than 250 million 600ml plastic bottles.


Explore the new EchoStar+ today and talk to a rep about incorporating it in your next project.