Apr 17th 2019

Acoustics Become Eye Candy with Kirei’s New Spring Products


Spring is in the air, and wouldn’t you agree that a little spring cleaning is one of the best ways to welcome in the season? This wonderful time of the year represents renewal and growth, which means it’s the perfect time to give a boring commercial space a facelift!

Fortunately for all of you designers out there, we just launched a new Spring Product line to help you bring life to your upcoming projects. Wave goodbye to outdated designs, and dominate the market with these eye-catching acoustics! The Spring launch products are a perfect way to make a statement, and will definitely be turning heads.

When deciding on an acoustic design solution this season, Kirei has a brand new selection of colors and EchoPanel design elements to choose from. Brighten up your space with a new color scheme, or perhaps add some funky texture to your walls or ceilings. Our EchoPanel design elements are integrated with functionality and a unique aesthetic.

Spring Color Palette

From left to right the colors include: Onyx 550, Ivy 330, Jade 338, Lavender 276, Blush 487, Vanilla 468, and Mushroom 454

Get ready for Kirei’s expanded color palette of Spring 2019! There are now seven, fresh new colors to draw inspiration from. Our newly released PET colors include Onyx 550, Ivy 330, Jade 338, Lavender 276, Blush 487, Vanilla 468, and Mushroom 454. Ranging from hushed neutrals to vivid hues, make a statement with Kirei’s Spring Collection.

Ridge Tiles + Ridge ACT Tiles

Top left: Ridge ACT Tile (Micro); Top right: Ridge Tile (Micro); Bottom left: Ridge Tile (Mini); Bottom right: Ridge ACT Tile (Mini)

A new addition to the Kirei family, Ridge Tiles, brings a functional, dynamic design to the table. With its dual-layered system, Ridge Tiles will help keep poor acoustics at bay in any room while also transforming and texturizing your environment. Ridge comes in two styles - mini and micro - in both 2x2 and 2x4 tile sizes. Choose from more than 30 different colors that best suit your design needs.

Ridge Tile is also available as Ridge ACT Tiles and come standard in two styles - mini and micro - in both 2x2 and 2x4 tile sizes, easily installable into any existing drop ceiling system. The corrugated peaks and valleys of this EchoPanel add dimensional flair to any wall or ceiling while controlling unwanted acoustics in any setting. Ridge ACT Tile is also available in over 30 colorways.

Wavy Panels

Wavy Panels in 338 Jade

The latest addition to the EchoLine Collection, Wavy Panels, adds a playful, fluid touch to your space. Break free of the straight edge and opt for the feel-good vibe of this new acoustic style. Conforming to any wall surface, Wavy Panel hugs all contours while eliminating acoustic obstacles. The minimalist design of Wavy Panel is simple and consistent, while at the same time appealing and stylish. EchoLine Panels are flexible and easy to install on flat or curved surfaces, making it a hassle-free acoustic solution with a subtle design.

Fold Tiles + Fold ACT Tiles

Pictured left: Fold Tile (Micro); Pictured right: Fold Tile ACT (Micro)

The last addition to our acoustic collection, Fold Tiles, makes a bold, industrial statement. Its deep ridges create a daring look while deflecting and absorbing unwanted sound. Perfect for a studio or an office space, Fold makes an aesthetically pleasing ideal drop ceiling option. Fold Tiles come in 3 standard sizes - Maxi, Mini, Micro, available in more than 30 various colors. If you opt for your own design, customization is available.

Fold Tiles can also be utilized as an Fold ACT Tiles, available in the Mini and Micro styles - in both 2x2 and 2x4 tile sizes. Fold ACT Tiles are also available in more than 30 colorways. Spruce up your standard drop ceiling with the Fold ACT Tiles. They’re sure to be a visually appealing option while improving the sound in your space. Customization is also available for Fold ACT Tiles.

The Options are Limitless

With a variety of vivid colors and product lines available this season, Kirei is sure to have an acoustic sound solution suited for you. Paring Wavy Panels with Blush 487 creates a flirtatious, seamless wall that designers and architects will swoon over. The Ridge Tiles in Jade 338 can give the semblance of a lush, tropical jungle. If you’re wanting to make a stark statement in a small office space, perhaps you can opt for the Fold Tiles in Onyx 550.

There are limitless, visually appealing combinations with the wide selection that Kirei has to offer, so if you’re ready to revamp a new commercial space this season, we will be more than enthusiastic to assist you in product samples to prepare you for your upcoming project as it enters into the design phase. Happy Spring!

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