Aug 13th 2020

AKUART – Putting the Art of Sound in Acoustic Design

John Stein

Kirei is thrilled to announce the addition of the new AKUART line of high-design acoustic art.

Today’s spaces demand every surface play multiple roles. We took this to heart with AKUART, a high-resolution (600 dpi) printed replaceable canvas paired with a balanced acoustic absorber (.9 NRC). Designers and Architects no longer need to choose between art or acoustics. Now rooms can sound as good as they look, with experiential graphic design creating a dynamic visual environment and great acoustic absorption for health, productivity and occupant comfort.

AKUART is revolutionizing the way we view art objects with functional acoustics. This fully customizable acoustic collection has the visual richness of high-quality art reproduction, 600dpi, with outstanding acoustic performance that inspires and improves sound quality in any environment. The collection is exquisitely engineered in every detail and offers an easy-to-change canvas that can be refreshed as often as you like without having to replace the full system.

As Kirei President, John Stein, explains it, “For spaces that need to look great and sound great, AKUART provides a high-resolution graphic solution that absorbs unpleasant echo. Kirei is the intersection of beauty, sustainability, and functionality and AKUART provides all three for today’s designer.”

Aug2020 1 AKUART SCENES 7th Batch Beauty 0004

Through both color and imagery, AKUART offers designers the freedom to create and accentuate beautiful spaces while maintaining flexibility for your clients as they may want seasonal changes, organizational branding, or an update with a new art series. AKUART can be used alone or in combination with any of Kirei’s EchoPanel products to create a tailor-made sound experience.


Aug2020 2 Stand By Me Graphic MDT image

In the spirit of AKUART’s birthplace, Copenhagen — a city where minimalist design, thoughtful details and a sustainable mindset are intrinsic to their way of life — AKUART addresses both acoustic and visual considerations in one thoughtful product.


Cleanable. The canvas panels can be dusted and vacuumed daily, as well as wiped down weekly with a wet cloth without the use of chemicals. The textile cover can be machine washed as needed on a gentle cycle at 194º Fahrenheit.

Aug2020 3 AKUART Canvas cleaning

Replaceable. Alter or replace the cover as often as you like while keeping the acoustic absorber (center section) and frame intact. This provides affordable flexibility and ensures that design specs can evolve as client needs do.

Aug2020 4 AKUART replaceable

Customizable. The world is your canvas. AKUART is designed for creative expression using a system of different canvas panels to create photographic or illustrative visuals using 600dpi high resolution output for amazing reproductive quality. Feature a one-of-a-kind piece, company branding, wayfinding signage, or interior color accents.

Aug2020 5 AKUART Room Divider 2


Reliable performance, every time. AKUART has a NRC of .9 and provides well-balanced acoustic performance for natural-sounding spaces. In fact, its acoustic efficiency has been tested by third party acoustic engineers at the Technological University of Denmark. This means that architects, building consultants, and designers can count 100% on the acoustic characteristics of the panel.

A wide range of uses and applications. AKUART is ideal for room partitions, wayfinding signage, as safety barriers on desks, over glass conference room dividers, or anywhere wall art might be traditionally used. Add to personality and acoustic functionality to any environment; educational, hospitality, healthcare facilities, and in collaborative spaces like offices, coworking spaces, or even coffee shops, where both art and sound quality are held at a premium.

A simplified spec’ing process. Today, most designers find it necessary to go through multiple vendors to spec their acoustic art installations– one for art and another for acoustics. This requires more time and management. AKUART eliminates these extra steps by combining art and acoustic spec’ing into one simple step from a single vendor.

Healthy for the client, and for the planet. As with all Kirei products, the AKUART collection is made with a portion of recycled materials and is low VOC.


AKUART On The Wall – Framed Acoustic Design Elements

Aug2020 6 AKUART On The Wall

The high-performance wall absorber you’ve been looking for. On The Wall presents like a beautiful art piece, while preventing unwanted sound from echoing throughout the room or building. Enjoy complete freedom in making your own designs, change them out seasonally, after a rebrand or redesign, or anytime the room needs a fresh touch.

Available in 8 standard sizes, On The Wall can also be ordered in custom sizes. For installation, screw the mounting clips into the wall and attach the frame to hang. Please note that for oversized products, additional frame assembly is required.

AKUART Hang With Me — Suspended Acoustic Design Elements

Aug2020 7 Hang By Me Graphic MDT image

This customizable, wire-suspended acoustic panel system is ideal for working spaces, a cafeteria, or anywhere where two large areas need to be differentiated or divided both physically and acoustically.

Blending beautiful graphic composition with an elegant visual experience of suspension, the panels are configurable and can be made to fit any interior space. Installation uses common aircraft cable that attaches into the frame’s integrated wire locks, as well as floor and ceiling mounts.

AKUART Stand By Me — Free Standing Wall Screens

Aug2020 8 AKUART Floor Screens Stand By Me 3 1 fabric newimage 4

Perfect for separating workstations or similar desk setups, Stand By Me is a fully customizable acoustic floor screen that insulates otherwise open areas from noisy environments.

With custom length and height options (as well as 6 standard lengths and 4 variable heights), Stand By Me offers three base options, one with wheels, to ensure that the pieces are both highly functional and easily maneuverable to suit your space.

Aug2020 9 SBM base options

AKUART Shelter Me – Desk Acoustic Design Elements

Aug2020 10 AKUART Desk Screens Shelter Me 01 2 Typography

Everyday office life can be distracting, draining, and in recent times, also a health and sanitation concern. Shelter Me provides a beautiful shield that integrates seamlessly with the desk itself. As part of the AKUART acoustic screen family, the desk screen shares the same acoustic characteristics in a smaller, easy-to-install (and remove!) design.

Easily install by attaching the adjustable clamp mounts to virtually any desk surface. Available in 7 standard sizes, as well as custom sizes.


Naturally, artwork is beautiful and aesthetically valuable. But it also offers tangible benefits that make it an important element to any workspace, educational center, or other physical space that people inhabit on a regular basis.

According to the Guardian, “a bright, creative workspace can make employees more productive, lower stress and increase wellbeing.” For more on how workspaces affect creativity, check out our recent post on health-forward design.

Speaking of health — studies show that just like clean, well-designed spaces, art can also have a positive impact on your health. From lowering anxiety to improving critical-thinking skills, scientists in Norway have studied this topic extensively and found statistical evidence that correlates an increased exposure to art to overall satisfaction with life.

Aug2020 11 Akuart art Echo Line


At Kirei, our goal is to evolve alongside the designers and architects we serve.

Through our partnership with AKUART, we are able to offer a more robust and flexible platform for creativity to inspire a beautiful world!

View our latest acoustic line and discover the products that can elevate your next project.

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