Jun 25th 2019

Demystifying EchoStar Acoustic Cloud Placement


EchoStar ceiling clouds provide visually dramatic ceiling element, and great acoustic control for open or high ceiling spaces. But- how many and where to place them? In this article we will help take the mystery out of ceiling cloud, and specifically EchoStar placement to help you design beautiful spaces with great acoustics.

Unique diamond facets help diffuse sound while the absorptive EchoPanel faces absorb noise, controlling the acoustics in larger, open concept environments. The award-winning design of EchoStar allows you to transmit your design values while simultaneously helping room occupants communicate freely with minimal noise disruption.

With great design comes great responsibility, and in this blog, we will discuss where EchoStar is appropriate and suggest potential design configurations to help inspire great design and enhance the acoustic properties of spaces.

The main takeaway is that EchoStar is a visual element as much as an acoustic one, and can be hung in clusters or singularly, in small-format designs or as large-scale dramatic elements to provide a signature look. Read on to learn more about best practices in the EchoStar design.

Best suited spaces

EchoStar is a beautiful statement piece that looks stunning in open spaces such as commercial offices with high ceilings, large-scale lobbies, conference rooms, and activity areas.

As an acoustic cloud fixture, EchoStar can truly tie a space together aesthetically and functionally. EchoStar can help control sound in nearly any space, but it is recommended to combine this design element with other appropriate acoustic treatments to get the optimized benefits.

Ceiling heights and spacing

EchoStar placement depends on the factors of each specific space and design vision.

Great spaces: Large high-ceilings rooms, conference rooms, large spaces where a smaller intimate area is desired – lobbies, cafeterias, open offices, educational spaces.

How high? When it comes to installing EchoStar on the ceiling, there is not a predetermined minimum or maximum height suggestion. Consider the 6” depth of each cloud, plus an additional 3-5 inches at minimum for hanging hardware and that should give you the minimum height required. EchoStar can be hung from high ceilings at a variety of heights depending on the visual effect desired. We have even seen multiple layers of EchoStars used for even more visual effects, with lighting interspersed to provide indirect lighting into the facets.

How many?

EchoStar is a relatively versatile design element, allowing you to create your own spacing placements with minimal restraints. The sky is the limit with EchoStar! Often, designers prefer to place “clusters” or “rivers” of EchoStars to add great visual and acoustic effects. However, the final spacing and placement of EchoStars will always depend on the acoustic needs and configuration of the space.

Note: When budgeting EchoStars, consider that it is unlikely to fill the entire ceiling.

Ex: A 3000 sq ft room does not need 3000 sq ft of EchoStar.

Integrating your own design touch

What makes EchoStar a timeless piece is the idea that you can add on and create unique designs exclusive to your vision. You will find the inherent beauty in this functional design piece the more you familiarize yourself with it.

EchoStar is a decorative acoustic cloud fixture designed to be individually hung in connected clusters via cable suspension systems. Clusters are the more popular design option that designers tend to go with, but you can also choose to space EchoStars out evenly. Again, it all depends on your visual and acoustic desires, where the sound is coming from, and what lighting or other design elements are in place.

Considering sprinklers and lighting

Sprinklers and lighting can appear to be a complicated factor when it comes to placing EchoStar, but fear not! EchoStar can be used in a variety of settings in conjunction with lighting. In regards to sprinkler systems, this acoustical system can be installed around them, depending on your local fire codes.

How to get the most noise benefit

While all EchoPanels have different degrees of sound absorption, EchoStar’s NRC rating will vary upon configuration. It will depend on how close or how far away you install EchoStar from the ceiling. To gather more specifics on NRC ratings for EchoStar, please contact a Kirei rep for more information.

Pairing EchoStar and other System Options

Although EchoStar is a versatile design material, you shouldn't feel confined to designing solely with this product in mind. Luckily with Kirei, we provide several PET ceiling system design elements to choose from. 3D Hex Clouds and Flat Clouds are our suggested options to either pair with EchoStar or to replace with, if budgets are a concern. Not only can they complement each other, but the acoustic cloud line makes a great value choice.

Enhance your space today by choosing EchoStar. Samples are available upon request. Contact a Kirei rep for more information on our design elements. Happy designing!

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