Nov 3rd 2021

Create Iconic Feature Walls in Record Speeds With EchoTile Racetrack


EchoTile Racetrack is a modular acoustic tile system that allows you to quickly create dynamic feature walls that elevate any design concept. Keep the environment and occupant health in mind with unique patterns and the most extensive recycled PET color palette on the market. Racetrack Tiles equip you with the tools you need to combat poor sound quality in any space while enriching the overall visual experience.

Imagine yourself sitting in the stands at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Picture the striking lines of the straightaways stretching into sweeping curves and bends. The perfect path lines of the course grab your attention and guide your eyes, while a cacophony of race car engines creates a nearly untenable environment for your ears. These racetracks can reach noise levels of 96-130 decibels, easily lapping the recommended exposure limits.

Now imagine recreating the visual impact of a racetrack in a space where your clients can actually concentrate. Skip the ear plugs, striking straightaways stretch into superior sound quality with EchoTile Racetrack. With Racetrack you can design visually distinct feature walls in record time. You don’t need to go racing around town to find the best acoustic tiles. You can be sure your acoustic elements go the distance with EchoTile Racetrack.

As the latest addition to our EchoTile collection, Racetrack introduces a highly modular system that can be used to create a wide variety of aesthetics, from geometric to curvilinear, from traditional to modern. All six styles of the Racetrack Tiles - Path, Tee, Intersection, Double Curve, Curve, and Plane - seamlessly align with one another to create beautifully distinct looks.

Create Your Own Path

Rev up your creativity by mixing and matching the clean lines and smooth curves of the six different EchoTile Racetrack styles. EchoTile Racetrack allows designers to choose between creating wild patterns or subdued designs while improving the sound quality of the room with its dependable acoustic capabilities. Get on the fast track to creating your custom path to the perfect design with our vast array of more than 30 color options, mixing and matching tile styles, or adding in varied tile sizes with EchoTile Sync.

Behind the Design

As our Creative Director, Michael DiTullo, developed the design for EchoTile Racetrack, he drew inspiration from sources as diverse as mid-century modern ceramic architectural tiles and aerial images of roadways and racetracks. The varied paths, curves, and intersections of EchoTile Racetrack provide designers with all the tools needed to quickly and easily specify unique design elements for impactful, dynamic spaces.

EchoTile Racetrack can elevate a simple room and transform it into a space where people feel comfortable and creative. EchoTile Racetrack can be the main attraction of a space or play a supporting role — the 33 available colorways allow for a wide variety of design options to differentiate your space. We’re truly proud that this product can be as eye-catching, or as subdued, as the designer envisions.
- John Stein, President of Kirei

Race Towards Superior Walls

All Racetrack Tiles are 23” x 23”. The modular system of EchoTile Racetrack allows users to make nearly infinite amounts of feature walls in an instant. The beveled edges of each Racetrack tile are forgiving on less-than-perfect walls, making for a reliable, worry-free installation with construction adhesive. No matter the size of the space, EchoTile Racetrack scales with a spec as easy as its timeless design.

Made from EchoPanel®

EchoTile Racetrack is made from EchoPanel®, a registered trademark of Woven Image®. It is a low VOC, Red List Free material with published ingredient transparency through Declare and third-party certification by Global GreenTag. Made from over 60% recycled PET, each panel diverts 235 single-use plastic bottles from global landfills and waterways. Since 2004, Woven Image has upcycled over 5,125 tons of PET, equivalent to more than 250 million 600ml plastic bottles. Kirei is proud to partner with Woven Image on their shared sustainability mission.

EchoTile Racetrack

Find the perfect pre-configured pattern or create your own path with EchoTile Racetrack. Explore the full collection.

Q4 2021 SM Racetrack CTA

Rev up your creativity with EchoTile Racetrack inspiration:

Q4 SM Racetrack Shortcut 487

EchoTile Racetrack Shortcut Pattern in 487 Blush