Feb 5th 2020

Customize Your Space’s Look and Sound with Kirei Beauty


When you’ve got a new design project in the works, there’s so much to consider. Meeting and exceeding client goals. Designing a space with intent for its inhabitants. Accounting for the numerous variables that make every project unique. And fulfilling that need to stay on trend — and ahead — so you’re always improving your craft.

To achieve those career-defining goals, customization becomes your trusted signpost that ultimately separates you from the pack. Fortunately, Kirei has you covered with a wide assortment of beautifully designed acoustic products that are easy to spec, easy to customize, easy to install, and help you achieve the vision you have for the look and sound of the room.

Customization Drives Innovation and the Imagination

Every project has its challenges, and every space requires a unique approach to solving them. By leveraging customized Kirei acoustic products in your final design, you’re assured peace of mind on several important fronts. Foremost is how we engineer our products to fit into any bend, curve, nook or cranny. What may have presented itself as an obstacle at first is now unveiled as an opportunity to innovate. And that’s something we’re always working hardest to help you do.

“Creating customized solutions for your project uplifts perspective and the entire design process, helping you create a unique and final design to fit the aesthetic of the space,” said Jeremy Priola, production manager at Kirei. “To make a flat product like PET Panels fit fluidly and naturally relax into an area takes an intense amount of engineering. But it’s a challenge that also helps stretch your imagination, and we provide the tools and products that make it all possible.”

Kirei products also give designers tested and proven methods to exercise creative freedom. Unbound by the inflexible constraints found in less innovative brands and products, Kirei ensures designers have a viable means to actualize their final vision. We also take pride in helping you help the viewer. They receive a powerful space that both enhances their acoustic experience and the overall ambiance.

Customization Means Customer-First

Designers are tasked with creating show-stopping environments and spaces that people love. While we take pride in offering a full range of flexible off-the-shelf acoustic solutions, we truly savor the opportunity to serve as a customer-first collaborator. We listen. We work quickly to offer recommendations where questions and concerns arise. And we provide an experience where we all have some fun along the way!

“We have the unique capability of being able to go the extra mile by helping designers create completely custom solutions that are iconic, functional, easy to install, and environmentally sustainable,” said creative director, Michael DiTullo. “Two things help us to do this. First, our in-house team is dedicated to the process of design and its interplay with customer service. Second, almost all of our products are fabricated to order on-site in San Diego, giving us complete control over that design process.”

Both strengths show our commitment to working with the best designers — emerging and established. So, whether you’re placing a small order of off-the-shelf Balance Tiles, or designing to completely customize a ceiling with our baffles, we’re here to work with you and ensure your next project becomes the centerpiece of your portfolio.

And since acoustics vary from space to space, customization ultimately helps you better achieve your acoustic goals through active design elements. It doesn’t have to be something to work around. The real question is: How are you going to use Kirei acoustic products to bring life to the space you’re creating and truly blow your clients away? Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can help you get there.

Customization Should Be Colorful and Sustainable

All Kirei products are readily available in a vast array of colors. From bold tones, to vibrant hues, to neutral shades, we’ve got the perfect colors that always play well with the design you’ve detailed for the spec. We’re also the sustainable choice, consciously committed to ensuring we place more value on our environment than anything else. Every Kirei product is sensibly and responsibly built by sourcing renewable materials that help close our plastic loop and put them to better use. Because after all, customization demands an insightful approach to eco-stewardship, playing an important role that contributes to the beauty of Kirei.


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