Jan 10th 2023

10 Prints to Deliver Playful Designs with Powerful Sound Control


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Shape up sound control with mid-mod inspired patterns that bring vibrance to any space. You’ll easily turn heads while turning volume down low with the Kirei Ink Geo Collection. From big and bold geometric repeats to serene gradients and ombrés, the Geo Collection is sure to get the creativity flowing. These lively, stunning prints prove recycled PET acoustic panels are anything but boring.


The Geo Collection features ten ready-to-install prints — Hyperspace, Halftone, Linear Life, Big Fuzzy Dots, Maze, Gradient Vertical, Mod Squircles, Venetian, Gradient Horizontal, and Trenches. Keep your specs simple when you choose directly from the collection or up the ante with customizable options to achieve any look your client desires. Whichever way you go, you’ll leave clients in awe of the stunning visual impact and acoustic capabilities of the Kirei Ink Geo Collection.


Add a funky futuristic vibe with dimension that leads to higher acoustic performance. Hyperspace leans on an Art Deco aesthetic to take designs to a whole new level both visually and sonically. Clients will adore the subtle optical illusion while enjoying an elevated acoustic experience. Liven up any hotel lobby or hospitality project with Hyperspace.


Give your clients full impact with Halftone. You’ll drown out awful echoes while adding the drama of dots when you add Halftone to droll hallways or lobbies. With Halftone’s circle pattern cascading in size, you can direct eyes while giving ears a distraction-free experience.


The simplicity of clean lines never goes out of style, especially when they add superior sound quality. Deliver beautiful lined designs with just enough flare to spice up any space without overpowering it. The varied line sizes, spacing, and colors of Linear Life bring quiet style with an even quieter atmosphere.


You’re not seeing spots. Just the subtle yet striking experience of the Big Fuzzy Dots print. With Big Fuzzy Dots, your clients will easily spot the improvement in sound control and style. Try building a little nook for workers to concentrate and free from noise when you line it with this print. You’ll increase the intrigue and decrease echoes with these playful panels.


Don’t let clients get lost in chaos - help them find their own path to more perfect acoustics. The linear style of the Maze print will mesmerize all who come across it with intricate details and incredible absorptive abilities - perfect for childhood education facilities to strike up imagination. Find the perfect balance of visual dimension and sonic diffusion with Kirei Ink’s Maze print.


Guide gazes with a subtle shift in color that provides a minimalist look with maximal sound control. You don’t have to overpower your design with printed options. Incorporate the most understated look of the Geo Collection with an effortless ombré that serves as an elegant backdrop for incredible acoustic performance.


No need to run in circles to fix sound issues - square them away with these playful panels. Stray from the standard and mix it up with this modern play on a combination of squares and circles. Clients will live for this lively print that gives off a retro feel - perfect for a biotech startup - all while tackling excess reverberation.


Block sound waves instead of sunlight with a print inspired by the classic look of Venetian Blinds. Just like light breaking through vertical blinds, you can create that same visual with these acoustic wall panels. The varied opacity of ink on the panels and the beautiful repeats deliver a stunning monochromatic style that makes a bold statement with minimal volume.


Take the Vertical Gradient and turn it on its side. All the same sound control, shades, and subtle impact. The Horizontal Gradient allows for major impact depending on the install style. Let the panels create waves of color or start and stop the Gradient when you install them in the same direction.


Sound waves will be the only thing getting lost in these Trenches. You’ll provide the visual illusion of peaks and valleys with this print’s subtle changes in ink opacity. The Trenches print easily takes on the tough echoes of crowded spaces to deliver truly calm, top-notch designs. Use a contemporary print like Trenches to add a touch of fun to your medical facility projects.


Don’t limit the fun to wall panels alone. Include pops of prints all over your project by adding Trenches to tiles or Big Fuzzy Dots to baffles. The variety is vast with Kirei Ink on any of our acoustic PET products. Apply any Geo print to any Kirei baffle, cloud, or tile for a unique way to wow your clients with playful patterns backed up by dependable acoustic performance. Whichever pattern, personal branding, or product you want printed on, just reach out and our team will be ready to assist!


Fit the right palette for any project with our Geo prints available in a variety of base colors. Each print comes standard in three of our six base colors - Blush, Pistachio, Shadow, Ochre, Duck Egg, and Snow. Not enough? It’s just as simple to switch out for any other PET color available through Kirei. On top of that, you can also swap ink colors for any of our Geo prints. Any way your clients want it, we are here to make their design dreams come true.


Kirei’s PET products are made from 60% recycled post-consumer plastics so you can be sure that every panel you specify is diverting hundreds of plastic bottles from landfills. Additionally, Kirei Ink panels come with numerous environmental certifications, including Declare Label (Red List Free), HPD, and Low-VOC. Printing is done using water-soluble, Greenguard certified PROGRAPHIC® UV ink. The LED inks contain less than .03% volatile organic compounds, are void of heavy metals, and contain up to 50% monomers and oligomers naturally derived from renewable resources, such as plants and biomass.

Expand the possibilities of acoustic panels. With Kirei Ink’s Geo Collection, you can create imaginative, striking designs that are anything but boring. Sound control doesn’t have to be bland. Imagine the infinite potential of recycled PET panels today and deliver dream designs for your clients without distracting echoes. Request your sample and start designing now.

Kirei Ink Geo Collection

Buck the boring and get playful with the Geo Collection of prints. Explore the Geo Collection and request your sample box today!

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