Dec 10th 2021

Get In Sync: Make Colorful Walls That Say Bye Bye Bye To Sound Waves


Remember the excitement of playing Tetris and finding the right spot to fit a long plank piece? Make building your next spec just as fun when you use Sync Tiles. With seven varied tile sizes, you can craft dynamic and unique walls finding just the right fit with every piece added. When you complete a full row of these tiles, the only thing that will disappear is the noise.

Sync Tiles are a series of beveled edge recycled PET acoustic tiles designed with modularity in mind so you can create colorful, unique walls in a snap. Keep the environment and occupant health in mind while incorporating distinct patterns and the most extensive recycled PET color palette on the market. Whether you want to build out a feature wall or create unity across rooms, Sync Tiles deliver trusted acoustic absorption with every unique design.

Sync adds a classic wall tile to the mix. Offered in seven sizes, Sync Tiles allow for a unique installation maximizing on the size offerings and more than 30 available colors. All seven sizes of the Sync Tiles - 11.5" x 11.5", 11.5" x 23", 11.5" x 46", 23" x 23", 23" x 46", 46" x 46", 46" x 92" - seamlessly sync up to create dynamic and distinct designs.

Monochromatic or Mix It Up

Mix it up or make things match using Sync Tiles. Available in over 30 colorways, Sync Tiles offer endless possibilities for any space. Coordinate colors across rooms to create cohesion or demarcate departments with different palettes. Sync Tiles offers superior sound absorption capabilities while allowing designers to choose between crafting beautifully unique patterns or incorporating a sense of calm with subdued, subtle designs. Whether you opt for a monochrome look or multiple colors, there are many ways to customize your design using varied tile sizes or adding in lines with Racetrack Tiles.

Adding Dimension, Diffusion, and More to Any Design

Inspired by the modularity of the Balance Tile, Sync Tiles bring added dimension to designs with varied size options. After five years of learning and listening to feedback from architects and designers, we’ve created an even more modular system that fits the multitude of ways they want to use the product while retaining its reliable sound absorbing capabilities. Sync Tiles offers a smooth look with so many size options allowing designers to make very custom looking walls from an off the shelf product.

While inspired by the Balance Tile, Sync Tiles differ from Balance in more than just sizing. Sync Tiles are made of 12 mm PET felt as opposed to 24 mm. As we already mentioned, this makes Sync tiles available in a vast array of colors. Additionally, 12 mm EchoPanel Sync Tiles come with a Class A Fire Rating - no treatment needed!

Blend Sizes with Beveled Edges

Sync Tiles’ featured beveled edge adds a classic architectural detail while easily working with uneven walls. Sync Tile gives you the freedom to design a near endless array of patterns, all with a simple spec you can feel good about from the first sketch through installation.

Made from Recycled PET

All Space Makers products are made from recycled PET Panels. It is a low VOC, Red List Free material with published ingredient transparency through Declare and third-party certification by Global GreenTag. Made from over 60% recycled PET, each panel diverts 235 single-use plastic bottles from global landfills and waterways. Since 2004, Woven Image has upcycled over 5,125 tons of PET, equivalent to more than 250 million 600ml plastic bottles.

Sync Tiles

Add dimension to your design plans with Sync Tiles. Explore the full collection and order a sample today.

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