Feb 13th 2020

Give Your Ceiling the Advanced Sound Absorption of AVIO


The AVIO Collection of ceiling baffles is the next innovation in the growing Kirei EchoPanel lineup. With a focus on providing designers a more premium choice in elevated aesthetics and advanced sound absorption to the room’s ‘fifth wall,’ AVIO delivers on elegance and performance through its complete suite of complementary and interchangeable acoustic products.

A designer’s foremost aim — and challenge, really — is to ensure every space they create provides a unique and lasting experience. This is why designing for the ceiling is no longer an option, but a necessity. Amidst the harsh, reflective sounds of today’s open environments, this premium space has become an opportunity to strengthen the overall theme of the design while enhancing the sound experience.

“5th Wall” Problems — Solved

When the project calls for keen focus on a room’s ceiling detail, Kirei baffles are the answer. They give designers entry to change ceiling heights, hide obtrusive building mechanicals, create visual excitement or provide a more calm feeling in any space.

With the AVIO Collection, we were inspired by timeless late century international-style architecture as our guiding force. Its long, linear lines helped us ultimately create a dramatic and enticing ceiling solution that improve acoustics — and add to the narrative of our unique design offerings that are found in every Kirei product line.

What do we love the most about AVIO? These ceiling baffles are a physical representation and execution of the collection’s acronym. Designers can choose from A-Baffle, V-Baffle, I-Baffle and O-Baffle to create a look and sound experience developed to meet and exceed the expectations of both the client and the specification.

A Baffle

Open ceilings have a large amount of overhead space and are often packed with HVAC and sprinkler systems. A-Baffle not only solves open space sound issues with improved acoustics, but works hard at covering up unsightly ceilings. It was a logical extension of the popular Kirei H-Baffle. The A shape is a blunted 30° angle executed with 15° cuts on the edges, providing a clean, flat bottom plane.

Minimized core blocks were also given a 15° slope for a more consistent look, which allows them to more easily blend into any space. The one-piece construction also creates a slight round-over on the angles for a seamless aesthetic.

V Baffle

The V-Baffle is an organic evolution of the A-Baffle. It also works hard at covering up ceiling space and those related fixtures, while providing a unique aesthetic and improved acoustics. The baffle’s core was then redesigned to hide hardware and allow for easier self-leveling. Its V shape is a blunted 30° angle executed with 15° cuts on the edges, providing a clean, flat top plane.

Core blocks were altered to further recess mounting hardware. The baffle’s one-piece construction also creates a slight round-over on the angles for a seamless aesthetic. The A and V Baffles can also be mixed and matched to create an endless amount of variations and custom looks.

I Baffle

Similar to the sleek and classic look of the Kirei Simple Baffle, I-Baffle also provides a more streamlined and vertical fit while boosting visual interest in a space. The difference is how it offers an extra level of customization.

Two 12mm baffles are attached back-to-back and held up with minimal hardware, while designers have the option of creating an exciting two-tone look depending on which colors they select. The I-Baffle literally provides a rainbow of color mixing options, and gives designers a great way to create amazing custom optical effects.

O Baffle

For open ceiling spaces that require subtle coverage and acoustic control, the integrated airspace and acoustic properties of the O-Baffle cannot be overlooked. Available in multiple sizes, it fits in all types of rooms, big and small. It also builds on the popularity of the Kirei H-Baffle, but the simplified design creates a sleek, slab-like profile.

Think of it as the bold, thick baffle that can command any space, or act as camouflage in the vein of an exposed joist. The O-Baffle features an inset top and recessed hardware to ensure installation looks as clean as possible. The unibody wrap-around construction also constrains seams around the endcaps so the long edges remain seamless and uniform. Its hollow form is an amazingly discreet sound wave trap.

Fall in Love with AVIO

AVIO is available in the same wide and varying 27-color palette — from neutral to vibrant tones that are timeless and on trend — as many other Kirei products. The acoustic baffle collection also maintains the same ease of installation, requiring only aircraft cable and commonly available hardware to hang up, with the hardware remaining unseen from the floor level.

And like all of our EchoPanel products, AVIO is responsibly sourced and made from recycled materials to qualify for LEED credits and other green building or sustainability certifications.

Whether the spec calls for one baffle and a seamlessly repeatable overhead look, or mixing baffle styles to create something wholly unique, AVIO arrives to inspire the future of interior acoustic solutions.

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