Mar 8th 2019

Easy EchoPanel Specification & Installation with Wall Panel Systems

John Stein

In the age of open offices, flexible coworking spaces, and a drive to repurpose every vacant warehouse in sight, the demand for effective acoustic solutions is on the rise. However, for architects, designers, and contractors, specifying and installing acoustic products is no easy or structured task...until now!

Kirei has joined forces with Wall Panel Systems, Inc. (WPS), to make acoustic EchoPanel specification and installation simple. Together, Kirei and WPS offer a groundbreaking kit of hardware that enables uniform mounting of Kirei’s pre-cut EchoPanel acoustic panels.

How to know if WPS + EchoPanel is right for you?

If you’re an architect, designer or contractor that has encountered one of the following common EchoPanel specification or installation dilemmas, then WPS + EchoPanel may be a great solution for your project. Best of all, with four different reveal styles to fit any design concept, you can address sound and acoustic solutions without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Dilemma #1: You’re dealing with an unfinished or uneven substrate

Designed with modernity in mind, WPS + EchoPanel has the ability to adapt to any wall-surfacing material. The WPS series of wall and ceiling mounting systems keep all panels on the same plane without shimming. WPS cuts every panel to size, and provides complete shop drawings on every project based on the specifications. Each of the four reveal styles are outfitted with interlocking clips and extrusions, guiding the panels into the perfect position every time. To simplify installation even further, the WPS team will even attach all of the clips to the back of each panel in their warehouse. This partnership enables a wide variety of designs to form everything from simple squares to geometric shapes, limited only by a design concept or panel size!

Options for days: Take a look at the different reveal styles from WPS that are compatible with Kirei’s EchoPanel. From left to right, Universal Architectural, Shadowline, Open Reveal, and Recessed Reveal.

Dilemma #2: You need an air gap for added NRC

In the literature for many acoustical products, you will find an NRC rating. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient. In techno-terms, it is the average of the individual sound absorption coefficients of an item at 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz. In more understandable terms, NRC is a standard rating for how well a material absorbs sound—the higher the NRC, the better the acoustic product is at soaking up sound and echo.

Kirei’s EchoPanel panels are typically mounted directly to walls, ceilings or other flat surfaces using construction adhesive or mechanical fasteners. The NRC of EchoPanel ranges from .35-.75 depending on installation. Here's where the innovation begins—the WPS system provides an airspace behind EchoPanel for better acoustic performance, thus increasing the NRC number. As an added bonus, prefab panels make for lower overall install costs, plus this is a higher-value installation than gluing panels to walls.

EchoPanel can be easily installed with WPS, even on tricky wall corners.

Dilemma #3: You have an extra large wall where a reveal or pattern is desired

Previously, the process of installing custom-cut acoustic panels could be challenging and time-consuming, especially for large-scale projects such as airports, auditoriums, offices, and classrooms.

WPS + EchoPanel is a great option for those who want a clean wall installation of EchoPanel with a variety of available reveals and edge or corner trims. The current reveal styles available include: Shadowline, Universal Architectural, Open Reveal, and Recessed Reveal. Trim finish options offered include Clear Satin Anodized, Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, and Powder Coated.

WPS + EchoPanel is ideal for large-scale projects such as airports, auditoriums, offices, hotels, worship halls, museums, and classrooms.

Acoustics are an integral part of any environment, whether it be commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education or residential. When Kirei launched EchoPanel, the product was progressive in its acoustic quality, sustainable composition, and compliance with numerous architectural standards. This partnership with WPS takes this a step further, adding clean, easy installation to the product’s appeal. Acoustic specification and installation no longer have to pose a challenge!

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WPS + EchoPanel will bring your vision to life with clean, sleek designs for walls and ceilings with enhanced acoustic control. Contact a Kirei service rep today to learn how acoustic specification and installation just got a whole lot easier!

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