Oct 1st 2019

Kirei Shades of Great: 3 PET Colors Designers Love


It’s a challenge to create a beautiful, functional and acoustically sound space, especially when it comes to achieving the perfect color scheme. But with these three shades of great that designers love, getting the look you want may be as simple as opting for a monochromatic approach.

While our amazing range of more than 30 colors, unique patterns, and endless custom prints for acoustic PET felt is a good thing for your freedom of choice, our three most popular colors involve those hushed neutrals favored by the design community.

The reason? Simplified aesthetics play a powerful role in evoking the right feeling and ambiance in a space.

Here’s a breakdown of why our top three PET colors — 442 Grey, 500 White, and 542 Black— help us connect to design at a deeper level.

442 Grey

From warm and earthy to grounding and cozy, grey maintains a positivity matched by a silent strength that makes it a historical and modern favorite all its own. It communicates a strong sense of clean control in a space without feeling overwhelmed. And its more human qualities make it a great foundational color to build around while playing with those tenets rooted in minimalism. Whether you’re implementing additive colors to give it more pop, or are strictly aligned with a monochromatic heathered look (like in the photo above), grey always plays nice without getting in the way.

Imagine a conference room or a traditional office. These are settings where you would typically strive for practicality –– a perfect environment to integrate grey hues. It’s the color of maturity and responsibility. However, too much of it can put a damper on the atmosphere. Which is why grey should be balanced with other complementary hues to truly tie a room together.

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500 White

White conveys cleanliness and efficiency while providing a wonderful backdrop to bring a whole range of colors and designs into focus. It’s also refreshing and can pave the way for creativity to blossom. Yet, without anything to highlight its power as a visual anchor, too much white can have a sterile effect (which is often a plus for medical environments).

With so many businesses and residences turning toward minimalist design, white is certainly a foundational color choice. It’s also perfect for ushering in a quiet, airy feeling that provides an open, unblemished canvas to work from, letting you stay focused on the task at hand without feeling distracted by what’s around you.

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542 Black

This ‘soft black’ is Onyx 550’s little sibling. While 542 isn’t as stark as 550, it still makes for a refined choice in color. Black manifests power and control, yet steers people towards its mysterious qualities. It’s the classic color that says, “Don’t bother me — I won’t bother you. But don’t be surprised by how much I tend to delight the eye.”

It also implies discipline, independence and evokes a sense of authority. Black is suitable for any space where you might want to make a bold statement, such as a personal office. You may also see black implemented in moody restaurants or cafes, subtly muting the atmosphere and inspiring a sense of understated sophistication.

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With these subdued yet resilient hues, Kirei is constantly shaping the way designers can tell a story through the space they create. A timeless, monochromatic color scheme can speak volumes about your overall style, while never failing as an elegant, dignified solution.

Be sure to check out these subdued hues and the rest of the Kirei color family. Contact a Kirei rep and request samples today!