Jun 3rd 2024

Worth the Hype: Acoustic Ceiling Products that Keep Spirits High and Volume Low


Soar to new heights with the HyperFly Baffle and HyperFly Cloud, two groundbreaking acoustic ceiling solutions that redefine sound design for stunning spaces your clients will love. These dynamic elements, with their soft curves and unparalleled sound absorption capabilities, transform any ceiling into a masterpiece. Easily assembled on-site using a press-fit method, both HyperFly Baffle and Cloud are available in over 35 through-panel colors and offer the option for Kirei Ink printing, ensuring limitless customization possibilities to meet any client need.

Part of the innovative Hyper Rhythm Collection, these products emphasize the critical role of acoustic control when designing the often-overlooked “fifth wall” - the ceiling. With a large portion of noise reflection occurring overhead, proper management of these reflections is essential for creating optimal acoustic environments. Whether it's a bustling restaurant, a serene office, a vibrant gymnasium, or an auditorium filled with eager listeners, the HyperFly Cloud and HyperFly Baffle ensure that sound quality is never compromised, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.


Stand out with HyperFly Cloud's iconic design and superior sound absorption capabilities. Its unique fin geometry captures soundwaves between its multitude of planes and absorbs them from multiple angles, significantly improving acoustic performance compared to traditional flat surfaces. This innovative design reduces ambient noise creating a more comfortable and productive environment.

With over 35 through-panel colors and Kirei Ink printing options, HyperFly Clouds can be tailored to fit any design scheme. Available in both large and small sizes that are lighting-ready, they add texture and movement to ceilings while integrating effortlessly with HVAC and other ceiling elements. The straightforward press-fit assembly makes installation easy, and array-NRC acoustic testing confirms its effectiveness, making it a reliable choice for any space.


The HyperFly Baffle combines a striking design with outstanding sound absorption, thanks to its advanced fin geometry that creates numerous planes for sound to bounce off of and be dampened and diffused. This results in an impressive noise reduction, enhancing speech clarity and overall acoustic comfort.

Offering over 35 through-panel colors and Kirei Ink printing options, the HyperFly Baffle can be customized to complement any interior design. It comes in three standard lengths and effortlessly works around HVAC and lighting, providing flexibility to meet different spatial requirements. The press-fit assembly simplifies installation, ensuring a seamless transition from specification to final setup. Supported by array-NRC acoustic testing, the HyperFly Baffle delivers exceptional performance.


Incorporating aesthetic ceiling designs into interior spaces offers numerous benefits. Ceiling treatments like the HyperFly Cloud and Baffle not only enhance the overall ambiance but also provide functional advantages such as improved acoustics and the potential for lighting integration. Research shows that effective acoustic treatment can improve speech intelligibility and reduce stress levels in noisy environments. The HyperFly ceiling products are versatile, impacting both the visual and auditory experience within a space. Their popularity among designers stems from their ability to combine beauty and functionality, making them a perfect addition to any interior design project.


At Kirei, we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire design process to help you achieve the best result for your clients. From initial specification to final installation, we provide expert support, acoustic testing, and sustainable certifications that ensure every project achieves spectacular results, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each client.


Sustainability is simplified with our commitment to inspiring a healthier, brighter future for our environment and deliberate use of recycled materials. Our PET products are made from 60% post-consumer recycled content so designers can be sure that every Kirei panel and product they specify is diverting plastic bottles from the waste stream. Build with Materials that Matter™ and get exactly what you need to help achieve LEED credits and Green Building certifications with our products’ Declare Labels, EPDs, HPDs, and more.


The HyperFly products deliver extensive flexibility and customization options, from the ability to pick from an array of pigments, unique prints, or personalized fin shapes. With Kirei Ink printing and custom cutting, designers can create one-of-a-kind designs for even the most particular client. And with the added benefit of Carnegie Design Services for Kirei, you’ll bring additional expertise to the table, getting optimized design layouts that meet budget constraints and achieve the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.


Kirei prioritizes installer-friendly design, ensuring that products like the HyperFly Cloud and Baffle are simple to hang with stunning hardware and easily work around complicated ceiling mechanics. The press-fit assembly method allows for quick and efficient on-site setup. Always considering sustainability from start to finish, HyperFly products are shipped flat and unassembled, reducing the carbon footprint associated with shipping and making the installation process hassle-free.

Offering outstanding design, versatility, and performance, the HyperFly Cloud and HyperFly Baffle are fitting additions to any project. Enhance the acoustic environment of any space for an experience and aesthetic your clients will adore. Get started today by requesting samples or talking to one of our reps.

Lift Spirits and Lower Volume

Lift spirits and lower volume with the dynamic design and acoustic performance of HyperFly Clouds and Baffles. Get started by connecting with a representative today.