Feb 18th 2021

New Horizons: 5 Acoustic Products for Spaces that Rule


Most rooms sound terrible and most people don’t know what to do about it.

Kirei provides great-looking architectural design elements that are easy to understand, specify and install, are made from recycled content, and improve the acoustics and functionality of any room.

With the launch of our New Horizons, we’re introducing five new Kirei PET acoustic products featuring simple lines for spaces that rule.

The New Horizons Collection

The new products—Fins, 45 Panels, Subway Panels, the Embossed Panel Series, and Ascent Tiles—were designed and curated in collaboration with award-winning designer, Michael DiTullo. The celebrated series nods to a new horizon of acoustic design—one that facilitates healthier interior environments that are visually compelling and easy for designers and architects to specify.

The New Horizons collection is defined by clean lines and simple, minimalist textures. Designed to limit waste and intelligently scale for spaces large and small, the collection also offers designers a playful sandbox of more than 30 colors and endless customization options.

5 Acoustic Products for Spaces that Rule


Featuring three standard styles (Level, Wave, and Pulse), with additional customization available, Fins provide radical sound-absorbing feature walls through the modular fin system. Designed to tune out the noise and turn up the visual dynamism, Fins deliver a tactile wall experience ideal for spaces in need of low profile, high-absorption acoustic design.

45 Panels

A new angle on love, 45 Panels energize spaces with dynamic lines that are ‘going places’. 45 Panel’s classic v-cut grooves—placed at 45 degree angles—capture eyes and sound waves alike. Available in four standard styles (0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 4.0), the simple, classic angles are scalable for any sized space, from small reception areas to large public spaces.

Subway Panels

A reimagined classic, Subway Panel's modern, streamlined style allows designers to soften an industrial look, or add timeless design flair. The interlocking panels and beveled edges create a completely seamless look while helping to acoustically tune the room.

Embossed Panel Series

Available in three styles, the Embossed Panel Series embraces the trend of tactile surfaces and three-dimensional textures. The floor-to-ceiling panels—developed by Kirei manufacturing partner Woven Image—create visual depth through the subtle play of light and shadow. Patterns include the linear Zen, the origami-inspired Ion, and the diamond-like Gem.

Ascent Tile

The peaked shapes of Ascent Tiles drape large spaces in linear allure. The soft, corrugated design and slight reveal create a consistent, dimensional look. Similarly, the hollow, thermo-formed tiles can achieve an NRC of up to .90 to deliver upscale acoustics disguised as a sophisticated design statement.

Expanding the Possibilities of EchoPanel

The New Horizons products join the existing suite of celebrated Kirei PET products, providing architects and designers with an array of customizable, eco-friendly acoustic elements. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the entire PET line includes wall panels, clouds, baffles, tiles, and a variety of unique forms developed to help address the unique acoustic needs of any commercial environment.

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