Sep 1st 2021

Put an End to Echos with the Kirei Quick Ship Collection


Everybody hates working in spaces with bad sound, but nobody knows what to do about it. Kirei’s quick ship designer acoustic wall tiles, made from recycled bottles, make fixing sound easy, from conference rooms to home offices.

Kirei is pleased to announce the highly anticipated launch of our direct-to-consumer platform. Previously only accessible through traditional commercial architecture and interior design channels, we are now making the same quality materials used by companies like Google, ESPN, and Snapchat available to all. Wherever today’s worker has landed - a conference room at the office, a home office that used to be a closet, or a co-working space - our Quick Ship collection solves acoustic issues within any space.

The Kirei Quick Ship program currently features three premium acoustic wall products, EchoTile Vee, EchoTile Barcode, and EchoTile Geometry, in five stunning colors. We curated the offering to enhance any home or small office with stylish and sustainable noise management solutions. The selection of products we developed offers a balance between ease of shopping and variety, making it easy for anyone to improve the sound of their room in one shopping session without the need for excessive measuring or sifting through endless products.

Products in the new direct-to-consumer program include:

EchoTile Vee

Featuring three available patterns (Forward Plus, Knot, and Blox), EchoTile Vee elevates the common acoustic tile with its v-cut grooves, giving customers a premium feeling acoustic tile that won’t break the bank. Its large size allows for quicker installations and makes it an ideal fit for bigger rooms. Vee ships in orders of four tiles per box.

EchoTile Barcode

Available in five different patterns (Band, Ex, Checker, Stripe, and Column), EchoTile Barcode is a dimensional tile with a striking appearance. Its unique look is due to the double thickness bars, which also enhance its acoustic performance. Barcode outperforms many other tiles acoustically and adds visual texture to walls. Barcode ships in orders of 12 tiles per box.

EchoTile Geometry

Available in six unique patterns (Bend, Spiral, Block, Angle, Maximal, and Invader), Geometry tiles provide the opportunity to make highly customized patterns through the use of elementary shapes. Whether a client selects a few boxes of oblong to make a simple tile installation or picks from one of the predesigned patterns, Geometry tiles allow customers to turn up or turn down their acoustic walls visually. Geometry is available in three shapes, Delta (20 per box), Oblong (20 per box), and Square (10 per box).

Kirei customers also can create their own patterns by purchasing individual boxes of tiles, mixing and matching patterns or colors of their choice. All products are available in five colors: Wine (269), Navy (365), Speckled Gray (442), Mushroom (454), and Pacific (633), with a versatile choice of three-color pre-configured palettes to simplify the shopping experience. These color palettes include Cool Serenity (Speckled Gray, Navy, and Pacific), Iron and Wine (Speckled Gray, Wine, and Pacific), and Coastline (Pacific, Navy, and Mushroom). The sophisticated neutrals and soothing blues mixed with the luxurious feeling of the wine color complement nearly any space.

Sampling and ordering are available through the Kirei Store. There is no minimum order quantity, and all orders ship within five business days unless more than 10 boxes are purchased.

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Q3 2021 Quick Ship Launch CTA

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