Nov 3rd 2022

Take on Sound Waves with Sustainable Printed Wood from Kirei Ink


You don’t have to knock on wood hoping for sound quality to turn out well on your projects. Turn to printed Wood acoustic panels from the Kirei Ink Wood collection. You’ll easily provide clients with the warmth of natural wood combined with the acoustic performance of PET.

We all love the look that natural woods bring to a space, but those hard surfaces can be tough on the ears. And sourcing wood sustainably can be even more of a hassle. With the printed Wood collection, you can get your clients the beloved look without chopping down precious trees or adding extra disturbing echoes.


The Wood Collection features five ready-to-install prints — Pine, Dark Walnut, Gray Wash, Dark Oak, and White Wash. Go with a simple spec or get creative and customize the project with a unique print of your clients choosing. Whether you opt for custom or from the collection, Kirei Ink makes it easy to find the stain and grain of your client’s dreams to create a space that looks as good as it sounds.


Avoid the pain of poor sound quality with Pine panels that absorb excess echoes with a rustic look. With Pine printed panels, you’ll bring a brighter, cleaner aesthetic to any space. Pair pine with white and light furnishing for a more serene look or add bold accent pieces to draw in the eyes. However you style it, count on playful designs that deliver superior sound control.


Warm up any space while warding off echoes with the rich color and tight grain of Dark Walnut. The Dark Walnut print adds dimension to wall-to-wall white spaces, creating a traditional feel perfect for law offices or government buildings. With its rich brown tones, Walnut remains widely desired in the design world which shows in the price point. Not only does this panel provide a budget-friendly option of this popular style but also protects ears from rogue sound waves at the same time.


Don’t go gray overthinking acoustics - simplify sound quality in any space with Gray Wash. Get a versatile backdrop for your space with Gray Wash panels that keep the volume just right. Highlight the flexibility of this finish by mixing it up with accent colors that are interchangeable to complement the gray undertones. With Gray Wash, you’ll create a cooler toned space with a calming atmosphere as reverberation is reduced by the absorptive abilities of the panels.


Add the dependable look and dampening power of Dark Oak panels - the perfect accent wood for lighter colored spaces. Clients will love the decadence added to a space with Dark Oak panels. Contrast the wood with creams, beiges, and off whites to create a stunning design. With Dark Oak panels, you’ll provide clients with luxurious feeling space that keeps the volume low.


Clients won’t need added white noise when you use these panels to wash away rogue sound waves. Achieve a vintage look that screams southern charm - but in a soft indoor voice of course! Perfectly pair White Wash with barn door aesthetics for boutique hotels and hospitality spaces. White Wash panels allow your daring designs to stand out against this muted canvas while excess echoes are absorbed into it.


You don’t have to go with the default for your designs. Since our panels are printed in-house, there are plenty of ways to spice up a space with custom woodgrains and wood printed products. From baffles to clouds to wall tiles, apply any print to any Kirei product to delight your clients in a variety of ways. Whichever pattern, personal branding, or product you want printed on, just reach out and our team will be ready to assist!


Sustainably sourcing wood can be a major struggle. It’s vital to preserve the precious trees we have outdoors for the future of this planet. Instead of depleting a delicate natural resource, turn to our Kirei Ink Wood Collection of printed PET panels. Achieve the exact same look, while serving an additional function of sound control. These panels - made from 60% recycled post-consumer plastics - not only lessen the demand for wood, but help eliminate plastic from the waste stream.

All Kirei Ink panels come with numerous environmental certifications, including Declare Label (Red List Free), HPD, and Low-VOC. Printing is done using water-soluble, Greenguard certified PROGRAPHIC® UV ink. The LED inks contain less than .03% volatile organic compounds, are void of heavy metals, and contain up to 50% monomers and oligomers naturally derived from renewable resources, such as plants and biomass.

Kirei Ink Wood Collection

How WOOD you use Kirei Ink on your next project? Explore the Wood Collection and request your sample box of swatches to start planning your next project today.