Mar 24th 2022

Take Sustainability to the Next Level with the Air Baffle with Nike Grind


Do your clients demand nothing but the best? Designing a space that needs something to take it to the next level? Get ready to fall head over heels.

Introducing the Kirei Air Baffle, a unique acoustic ceiling baffle made from recycled shoes and water bottles. Now you can bring high performance from under your feet to over your head. Inspired by the clean, modern lines of the Nike Air Max, the Air Baffle is Kirei’s latest acoustic element to revolutionize the sound of high ceiling spaces.

Air Baffles come fully enclosed or with the option of a short or long window.

A Slam Dunk for Sound

You’ll pivot your space to a softer look and sound with the sleek curved baffles filled with Nike Grind fluff and featuring windows for sustainability you can see. Made from recycled PET, the Air Baffle delivers dependable acoustic performance and iconic design to any ceiling. The Air Baffle is a game changer for acoustic baffles - disrupting the game without disrupting concentration.

Unbeatable Custom Options

Run with a simple style or create a custom Air Baffle look for your project. Air Baffles are available in standard 40”, 48”, 72”, or 96” lengths and any of EchoPanel’s 33 subtle to striking colors. Additional customization options including baffle length and window length are available. With Kirei on your team, you can customize with ease by talking to any of our reps that are always ready to go the extra mile to help you score big for your client.

Start Strong with Sustainability

Don’t let sustainability sit on the sidelines. Make your material choices matter when you opt for the Air Baffle. The outer hull of the Air Baffle is made of 12mm EchoPanel®, a recycled PET felt which contains at least 60% post-consumer content sourced from single-use plastic bottles. It’s then filled with Nike Grind fluff, a mix of recycled materials created from Nike’s end-of-life footwear.

A Window To The Future Of Acoustics

The Air Baffle is the future of acoustic baffles revolutionizing the design with a window option for sustainability you can see - showing off the inner Nike Grind fill. Air Baffle windows are 3mm thick in a matte finish, made with Class A fire rated PETG (specially formulated co-polyester resin) that contains 40% pre-consumer recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

Install in Record Time

Stress less. Air Baffles are shipped ready to install using suspension cables and mounting hardware – no assembly required. See the Installation Guide for more information.

Behind the design - early Air Baffle sketches from Michael DiTullo

Influenced by Iconic Design

From Kirei Creative Director Michael DiTullo, and inspired by the clean, modern lines of the Nike Air Max, the Air Baffle has a unique look. The rounded bottom adds a softer look into Kirei’s portfolio of baffles while the angled sides increase soundwave diffusion. The design also gives you a look into the inside with a clear window - reminiscent of the classic Nike air bubble - that shows the Nike Grind at the core of the baffle.

This is Kirei’s highest performing and most sustainable product yet. Air Baffle is one more step towards a sustainable future, reducing waste and supporting a circular product life cycle with Nike Grind.
- John Stein, President of Kirei

Air Baffle

A window to the future of acoustics.

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