Nov 9th 2020

The Secret Acoustic Weapon in Experiential Graphics


Has a space ever made you really feel a brand experience? What emotion or other sensation did it evoke? And more importantly, how did it sound?

It’s the experience, not the décor, that is the difference, and engaging all of the senses is an essential part of this design experience. Sound is a key element of the experience for users now - as issues like comfort, distraction and privacy are becoming key differentiators between spaces, and even recruiting drivers for companies as they show off their office spaces, or brands at retail.

So much goes into a beautifully designed space and increasingly experiential graphics play a vital role in creating the engaging user experience demanded by occupants from office to health care to education.

Color, messaging, visual identity, and images that represent brand values or inspire an occupant experience are taking the place of paint or posters with kittens hanging from a bush.

At Kirei, our mission is to inspire beautiful, functional spaces by appealing to our senses through visuals and sound.

Oct2020 AKUART Blog art

AKUART opens a whole new dimension in experiential graphics

Designed in Copenhagen and crafted from sustainable materials, AKUART is the first of its kind in the U.S. The collection offers high-NRC sound absorption using customizable canvases that can feature art, graphics, wayfinding, branding, or any look you choose. This means that you can address both the functional acoustic needs and conceptual design in one elegant solution.

We love the creative freedom this collection offers. The customizable canvases allow you to easily update graphics as often as you like while preserving the investment of the high-quality frame and acoustic absorber.

Here’s a quick glimpse at what AKUART offers:

  • High resolution digital printing at 600dpi
  • Exceptional noise reduction with an NRC of .9
  • Custom sizing and design configurations for unlimited possibilities
  • Made from sustainable materials that qualify for LEED credits and meets other green building standards.
  • ASTM E84 Class A fire rating to meet stringent standards
  • Easy-to-clean canvas that is bleach cleanable and machine washable up to 194°F
  • Changeable canvases for a change of scenery or to keep designs current

Elevating environments with experiential graphics

Forward thinking companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have been reinventing corporate spaces for over a decade to attract and retain talent and build their internal brand experience. The use of visual storytelling elements throughout the space support a consistent and clear message and set the stage for the company culture.

With a versatile product like AKUART, it’s easy to bring meaning to a space through a range of typography, color, imagery, and form.

Five inspiring ways you can use AKUART to enhance your next project

Whether you want to create a unique environment, communicate a branded message, enhance or intensify an experience, or simply showcase art or photography, our goal is to empower unlimited creativity in how you blend acoustics and visuals.

1. Themed or Branded Spaces
Oct2020 AKUART Blog branded spaces c

As Kirei President, John Stein, mentions, “We have been wanting to find the perfect product that allows for visual brand expression, AKUART doubles down on that promise.”

From office and retail to hospitality and education, designers want to showcase their client’s brand in a way that’s authentic to their space. Now they can do it with the added bonus of hidden acoustics.

A few ideas:

  • Feature a company history wall in the main corridor
  • Tell a compelling brand story through a series of prints
  • Use branded color blocking partitions to separate open spaces
  • Creatively arrange hanging acoustic graphic panels in front of large glass walls
  • Branded freestanding partitions can create aesthetically pleasing healthy workspaces
2. Art and Photography
Oct2020 AKUART Blog photography b

High resolution photography or digital art images add visual interest and beauty in a space. AKUART gives designers a whole new dimension of creativity to tell stories through art and photography with the added value of acoustics and ultra-crisp 600dpi image quality.

3. Color
Oct2020 AKUART Blog color b

Color naturally sets the tone of a space, influences our moods, and can even affect creativity, focus, and productivity. With AKUART’s custom print options, you can choose any color or combination of colors to create a desired experience, as well as customize the frame color.

For more nuanced acoustic design needs, AKUART can easily be paired with EchoPanel and/or Mura using color that complements both the graphics and the rest of the interior.

4. Typography
Oct2020 AKUART Blog typography b

Featured typography is a key element of experiential graphic environments — and a great way to make an otherwise simple space feel modern and distinctive.

Whether using typography as a design element for brand statements, motivational messages, menu signage, or infographics, creative use of fonts can make an impressive visual statement.

5. Wayfinding
Oct2020 AKUART Blog wayfinding b

Another great opportunity to naturally integrate acoustics into design is to play up essential elements of the spaces, like wayfinding. Creative use of large directional signage can elevate that look of a space in a way that is fresh and modern while secretly adding in acoustic solutions.

AKUART can be ideal in a lobby with high ceilings or echoing floors, where new visitors are still learning their way around the building. Or in a museum where a new installation requires large informational signage and separation of space. The new possibilities for wayfinding using acoustics and graphics gives designers a fresh palette of creativity for hotels, schools, libraries, commercial and retail environments, and more.

Rethink your experiential graphic solutions

Kirei is here to help you discover how to blend experiential graphics with your next project. AKUART is the newest way to elevate your acoustic solutions and create beautiful experiences for your clients.

We hope you’ll dive deeper into the AKUART collection and see how it could support your creative vision. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to help you.

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