Aug 21st 2018

Inspiration for Boring White Walls

John Stein

The Solution for Boring White Walls

White walls are the foundation of interior design, especially in education and office spaces. They act as the bright, flat, blank canvas where you can start thinking about design choices.

However, too often those white walls are left to their own devices, acting as boring, lifeless areas of interior space that do little to inspire creativity or productivity. According to a study by the University of Texas, white, grey and beige office walls can cause feelings of depression and sadness in workers, especially women.

With the right product, you can transform your white walls into impactful accents and provide additional acoustic comfort at the same time.

Designing a Wall

Of course, dressing up a few select white walls within your existing interior takes more than blindly selecting a few areas and going paint-crazy. There are key features to consider when updating your plain white walls.

Creating Balance

Pictured below: EchoPanel Topo Tiles

Balance and harmony are important features to all aspects of design. Using an accent wall to offset something across the room that has equal aesthetic weight will result in a space that feels more pleasant to be in. Unbalanced spaces can feel chaotic, messy and uncomfortable for those inhabiting it.

Utilize a blank white wall to pull some of the interior energy away from a grouping of large windows or openings by adding features like color, texture, text or imagery. Products like EchoPanel Topo Tiles will help spread people’s attention equally throughout the space by providing a nice mixture of texture and color.

Focal Points

Pictured below: EchoScreen

Another way to apply balance to a room is by establishing a gravitational focal point. The focal point not only creates a memorable space, it can aid in modulating space from a functional standpoint, too.

An accent wall rich in materiality and texture provides an emphatic focal point that encourages attention. The EchoScreen from Kirei is the kind of conversation piece that is sculptural, colorful, and bold.

Functional Improvement

Pictured below: EchoPanel Wrap Partition

Aesthetic interventions are great, but what if you utilized your blank white walls for something more than just looking nice? Adding a bit of function to go along with your new accent wall can work to attract attention away from spatial distractions, improve acoustic quality, and even help divide the space into smaller, more manageable areas to work or teach.

For example, placing a wrap partition in front of a white wall will add a touch of visual flourish while also reducing uncomfortable reverberation and sound reflection.

Products to Transform Your White Walls

Finding statement-making materials and wall products are a great place to start when considering your own creative endeavor. Use these as a jumping off point, or a final resolution when developing a design that effectively redefines your interiors.

Low Profile

Pictured below: EchoPanel Mura Tiles

The EchoPanel Mura Tiles is an acoustic fabric that can be applied to any blank, white wall, resulting in a uniform intervention that is aesthetically bold and functionally sound. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors, making it applicable to just about any existing design language or interior concept.

Form Meets Function

Pictured below: EchoPanel

If you’re looking for a versatile wall treatment product that screams ‘focal point,’ look no further than the EchoPanel from Kirei. The EchoPanel can be custom printed, letting it carry its own unique sense of visual flair, adding depth, intrigue and acoustic capabilities to your boring white walls.

A Touch of Nature

Adding a bit of natural warmth to an interior space can go a long way to softening the experience, especially when being used to cover an otherwise harsh and cold white wall.

Classy and Subdued

Pictured below: EchoPanel Balance Tiles

Sometimes making a grand visual statement isn’t the best course of action. Especially if you’re dealing with a corporate office or fine dining establishment. The EchoPanel Balance Tiles are the perfect option to add a bit of color and texture to a blank white wall while maintaining your professional motif. They come in a variety of colors to suit the flavor of any existing space.

Three Dimensional Renovation

Pictured below: EchoPanel Topo Tiles

Texture is most definitely an eye-catcher. If you can add something to your white walls that create great depth and shadow, it will attract attention and act as the perfect focal point of your space. The EchoPanel Topo Tiles provide this depth, and transform your wall into a tactile 3D art installation that will be the highlight of your interiors.

Want more inspiration for upgrading your white walls?

Making strategic and thoughtful decisions when it comes to your white walls can act to inspire creativity and provide happy, productive interior spaces for people to enjoy. Visit Kirei’s project gallery for more inspiration on how to upgrade your white walls.