Jun 23rd 2022

Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Top 6 Trends from NeoCon 2022


Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Entrance

Bringing the most exciting new innovations in design to your clients is key for a beautiful, successful final project. At NeoCon, thousands come together every year in Chicago at theMART to learn, share, and connect about the latest and greatest in the A&D world. With an almost overwhelming amount of exciting exhibits and surreal showrooms, it can feel nearly impossible to see everything you wanted. Catch up on it all with our top design trends from all three days of NeoCon 2022 so you can continue to dazzle your clients with the best in design.


Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Organic Shapes1

Scandinavian Spaces included organic and natural shapes on the walls of their showroom.


Open up to more organic options by turning towards more natural and curvilinear shapes within your design. By adding nods to natural aesthetics, you can create a healthier space for occupants to enjoy and complement it with bits of biophilic accents like plant walls. Hints of nature can nurture those working within the space and leave them with a lighter feeling and greater overall well-being.


Using materials that matter is a trend that never goes out of style and is now more important than ever. Gauging the impact of your material choices on the environment is crucial for the Earth and eco-minded clients alike. As you select materials for the look and feel of a space, you can also consider what raw materials are required to make it and how your choice can keep waste out of landfills. Hit both curved lines and carefully crafted materials with the Air Baffle made with Nike Grind. Made from multiple sources of post-consumer content, you’ll keep both plastic water bottles and end-of-life footwear out of the waste stream while bringing beautiful acoustic design to any project.

Venture into the future of fabrics with the world’s first bio-based indoor/outdoor textile with Carnegie’s Xorel Indoor/Outdoor fabric (officially launching in October 2022). Winner of two Best of NeoCon Awards for Outdoor Fabrics & Sustainability, and an Honoree Award from Interior Design's 2022 HiP Awards for Outdoor Products, this plant-based fabric replaces fossil-fuel based options and generates a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Chinoiserie2


Evoke aristocratic and exotic feelings with a modern take on Chinoiserie - 18th century Western art’s imitation and interpretation (or misinterpretation) of Chinese concepts and motifs in furniture, design, and architecture. Featuring mythic animals, exotic fruits, and tropical leaves, modern Chinoiserie can take the the form of wallcoverings, furniture, and ceramics. You’ll liven up any space and bring in a biophilic design with the delicate touch of these patterns featuring nature scenes, dragons, pagodas, and more.

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Chinoiserie1

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Textures

Try out tons of textures! Layer varying feels for a thrilling touch for clients.


Too much texture? No such thing! Take your designs in a texture-heavy direction with differing feels and finishes. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with dual textures and max out on finish styles for surfaces. From linen to bouclé to velvet, making the most out of maximalism adds a thrilling touch for clients to enjoy.

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Textures1

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Scandi MCM Chinoiserie


The staying power of Scandinavian and Mid Century Modern is very strong and this year is no different. Combine these timeless styles for a sure fire way to win for your clients. While both styles create clean line looks, their take on color and light differ from one another with Scandinavian leaning towards lighter, neutral palettes and MCM incorporating more bold and dark accents. Finding the balance between neutral and bold will bring a dynamic look to any space. Keep the furniture stylings simple with minimal embellishments while maintaining the intentional feel of each piece you incorporate in the space.

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Organic Shapes2

Cumberland Furniture incorporated both organic shapes & jewel tone accents in this showroom set up.


Soften any space with the perfect color palette. One major theme of NeoCon was a lean towards soft palettes with jewel tone accents. Fitting well with the Scandi-MCM trend, the concept of creating a subtle, soft canvas with bold complementary colors will help you easily pull this off. Keep the theme of Scandinavian design by playing with neutral hues that lighten up the space. Merge neutrals with accent pieces in jewel tones to balance and contrast the Scandi-style with bolder colors through strong sitting pieces or bright pillows.

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Jewel tones


Barriers aren’t the only way to demarcate different spaces. Get whimsical with it and color block your open rooms for a bold, fun way to set boundaries and bring in themed areas. Utilize multiple hues you normally don’t mix to give your clients a vibrant uplifting space. Color blocking doesn’t need to stop on the walls. Use modular furniture, fun accent pillows, and bright corner pieces your clients will love to add a bit of spice to any space.

Q2 2022 Neo Con Recap Color Blocking

Bring in pops of color with bold color blocking.

From trends to timeless, the projects you design make a statement. Make sure your designs say exactly what you want them to with thoughtful material choices and the proper product knowledge.

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