Aug 19th 2021

Two New 12mm EchoPanel Mid-tone Colors to Inspire Comfort


Kirei is excited to announce two new solid color offerings, Cinnamon (167) and Slate (447), to our collection of 12mm thick PET Panels. These calming mid-tones apply to many spaces, including personal offices, conference rooms, lobbies, classrooms, and retail stores.

Q3 2021 Color Announcement HERO 2

“Mid-tone colors work to balance light and dark—creating a sense of comfort and safety that is even more important today as we transition back to public spaces post-COVID-19. These shared spaces must work even harder, not only serving their functional purpose, but ensuring occupants feel at ease as they return to a ‘new normal.”
- John Stein, President at Kirei

167 Cinnamon

Channeling the warmth of autumn, Cinnamon’s earth-tone orange supports quiet contemplation while infusing subtle energy. Cinnamon brings an “energetic coziness” to hospitality and commercial settings welcoming back travelers, customers, students, and employees.

447 Slate

Inspired by the dusky hues of moonlight, Slate’s deep neutral grey exudes celestial strength and comfort. This versatile tone is ideal in the workplace, specifically larger personal offices and conference rooms requiring calming hues with a side of sound absorption. The color is impactful enough to standalone, but can also serve as a complement to a vibrant palette.

Q3 2021 Color Announcement rainbow

Cinnamon and Slate join over 30 solid color options in 12mm PET series.

See Cinnamon & Slate Up Close

Request samples of our newly released colors to check out the options firsthand.

Q3 2021 Color Announcement CTA

Explore more Cinnamon and Slate project inspiration below.