June 27, 2019 2 min read

Venture Café Philadelphia

H Baffles Help Venture Café Create An Acoustically Sound Coworking Environment

The owners of Venture Café Philadelphia faced a conundrum: How to have an acoustically sound, distraction-free coworking space in a live gathering area?

CIC incorporated H Baffles as part of a unified acoustic solution to control sound reverberation. The H Baffles add a twist to the traditional baffle look, providing a bold visual statement and great acoustic design.

CIC Philadelphia’s Venture Café

A place for serious entrepreneurs, CIC Philadelphia and BioLabs@CIC Philadelphia in uCity Square boasts the largest shared workspace and wet lab facility in Philadelphia. The Venture Café is a gathering area on the third floor where people can hold weekly gatherings, workshops, forums, and can even be utilized as a social hangout space to drink free beer and network. As a result, these gatherings help create the CIC community of innovators, investors, service providers and mentors who share ideas and stories.

The Challenge

The main issue at hand was having a large amount of space occupied by several people, but also having to divide individual spaces as well as keeping the noise level set to a minimum.

“The concept was to create various subspaces, but still have it read as one. We achieved this by moving the ground plane, creating stadium and banquet seating to break areas up and distributing the various programmatic elements around, so they work as separate spaces, but also could all be unified if there was a presentation in the main space.” -Sidi Gomes, Principal Designer at CIC Design Studio

By creating a coworking space with this specific concept, an acoustic solution was needed due to the number of people talking, music playing, and other loud activities taking place.

The Solution

CIC Philadelphia opted for Kirei’s H Baffles as their acoustic solution. The H Baffles were installed—by construction management firm Gardner/Fox Associates—throughout the ceiling of Venture Café, helping disperse and absorb excessive sound. The ceiling was also treated with K-13 (acoustic spray) to enhance acoustic performance.

The Result

The H Baffle installation in conjunction with K-13 helped generate less reverberation throughout the facility, creating an acoustically sound space with a unique, eye-catching design.

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