November 19, 2019 3 min read

Viasat Headquarters

Smith Consulting Architects elevated the design and sound of Viasat's East Campus expansion utilizing custom cut Simple Baffles from Kirei

Kirei Custom Baffles Elevate Viasat Expansion’s Design and Sound

Custom Simple Baffles are a foundational design element for the East Campus expansion of Viasat’s headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. Designed by SCA, this expansive conference center needed a key visual and acoustic element to tie together the space’s key performance initiatives surrounding lighting, sound, and visual projection for its numerous meetings and training events.

Viasat East Campus Expansion and Conference Center

As a leader in the global communications industry, Viasat develops and deploys large-scale communication networks. From home internet, business internet, defense and security, and aviation services, Viasat is at the forefront of powering high-quality, secure, affordable, fast connections to impact people’s lives anywhere and connect the world. It was imperative that its new expansion project reflected its company mission and Carlsbad’s coastal vibe and overall charm, while inspiring employee productivity. The final spec would feature high ceilings, vast glass expanses and bold colors. It also addressed the space’s remaining experiential details.

The Challenge

In large presentation spaces accommodating acoustics can be a challenge. For this project’s more subtle design aspects, such as air flow, lighting and acoustics, SCA had to ensure those elements struck the right balance between physical comfort and visual appeal, while creating an environment where future occupants would remain mentally alert in the space. Since the conference center’s primary function would lean toward corporate public speaking events and presentations, installing the right sound management solution was the critical piece of the design puzzle. Viasat needed a conference hall where all future speakers would be heard clearly without their voice — and key presentation info — getting lost in the space’s high ceilings.

The Solution

SCA opted to integrate customized Kirei ceiling baffles, whose overall cut reflected the look and feel of the nearby ocean — further complementing the overall beach-themed design concept for the hall.

The baffles quickly became the unique aspect of the hall’s design and worked well with the other surrounding materials that were used. SCA placed the custom baffles 12” apart from one another, allowing for more depth, texture and ceiling area to integrate key fixtures such as lights, speakers and projectors.

Much of the project’s success related to the look, feel, and performance of the custom baffles and is a testament to the premium convenience and thoughtfully crafted approach of Kirei. Keeping creative visions and ease of specification in mind, Kirei thrives on supporting designers to deliver unique and customized acoustic solutions for clients.

The Result

Implementing Kirei baffles was a resounding success for SCA. The overall flawless execution gave Viasat’s latest campus addition more branded edge, while showing how acoustic design plays a key role in creating modern spaces.

“The space is performing very well acoustically as a result of all the other materials used in combination with the baffles,” said Arati Rangaswamy, the Director of Operations at SCA. “We used Kirei baffles for the ceiling, perforated wood boards on the presentation wall, and Kirei PET panels on the far end walls. We also used fabric ducts that allow for low volume air supply in lieu of sheet metal ducts for acoustic reasons as well. Our client has been very happy with the acoustic performance of the conference center.”