Inspire A Beautiful World

Echo Panel Bottles To Beauty

We chose the Japanese character “Kirei” as our name because of its multiple meanings of “beauty,” “clean,” “purity,” and “truth” that reflect our dedication to beautiful, elegant, and respectful products for our environment.

Echo Panel Bottles To Beauty

Our Mission

Kirei strives to inspire a beautiful world by providing Interior Designers, Architects, and Installers with acoustic solutions that are designed to be aesthetically beautiful and sustainable.

Committed To Sustainability

Since 2002, Kirei has provided innovative, functional, earth-friendly, and visually interesting acoustic design materials. From tiles made of reclaimed coconut shells to panels constructed of more than 230 million plastic bottles, being “green” is a key aspect of all our products.

Custom Capabilities

Kirei is devoted to being an essential partner to the Design and Architecture community. To show our commitment to fulfill any and all design needs, our products are fully customizable to fit or transform to your aesthetic. To learn more about our custom capabilities and how we can support you in the process, contact us.

Our Proven Process

Our proven process is simple and guides all that we do. Support is paramount in our DNA. We guide architects and designers through the specification process with great products that can be relied on. We work with contractors to deliver on time with great installation support, all while providing best-in-class service. This is the Kirei way.


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