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EchoTile Sync

Get in Sync: Make colorful walls that say Bye Bye Bye to sound waves

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EchoTile Racetrack

Create iconic feature walls in record speeds with EchoTile Racetrack

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EchoStar +

Add color and subtract noise in high ceiling spaces with EchoStar +

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Quick Ship

Kirei’s Quick Ship acoustic wall tiles made from recycled plastic bottles make fixing sound easy, from conference rooms to home offices.

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A convergence of clean lines, pure shapes, rich color palettes, and scalable systems define the EchoPanel acoustic collection.

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Enhance acoustic quality through art and color with AKUART’s modular systems.

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Beautiful Design +
Exceptional Sound

Kirei’s design forward collections of acoustic solutions inspire creativity and flexibility to make sound beautiful.

Inspire A Beautiful World

Discover our acoustic solutions.


The EchoPanel family of acoustic design elements helps you create spaces that look and sound amazing. With over 30 colors and a variety of products from panels and tiles to clouds and baffles, creating custom sound solutions has never been easier.

EchoCloud Diamond | Color 274
EchoPanel A Baffle,  EchoPanel V Baffle | Color 330, 444
EchoPanel Partition Paling | Color 338
EchoPanel Tartan Tiles | Color 276, 444
EchoCloud 3D | Color 542
EchoCloud Ziggy | Color 444
EchoPanel Topo Tile Pixel | Color 381


AKUART is a collection of customizable framed acoustic systems with a changeable art canvas. Made from sustainable materials, these superior sound absorbers deliver a high NRC for well-balanced acoustics and beautiful design.

AKUART Stand By Me | Free Standing Wall Screens
AKUART Shelter Me | Desk Acoustic Design Elements
AKUART On The Wall | Framed Acoustic Design Elements
AKUART Hang With Me | Suspended Acoustic Design Elements
AKUART On The Wall | Framed Acoustic Design Elements

“McCarthy Construction is very satisfied with the acoustics. Since the space is occupied in a variety of ways, but not regularly occupied with a big group of people, we were looking for a dramatic solution that not only stood out, but also didn’t impact the raw nature of the aesthetic. EchoStar was the right fit and perfect balance aesthetically and acoustically.”

- Heather Kampa, Senior Interior Designer at HGA

“These panels are a fantastic alternative to MDF or metal when structural rigidity is not required. Kirei offers so much flexibility in patterning, texture, and color. The brand’s acoustic panels are also easy to handle. We recently specified them for a retail project in Nashville to create a lightweight, open ceiling that visually conceals all of the infrastructural elements running above.”

- James Slade, Founding Principal at Slade Architecture

“Acoustics are ingrained in my design thinking and process, so I just do it from the get-go, since it is a crucial element of the design. We specified Kirei’s baffles for our project because they looked really cool and helped absorb the sound that is produced so there is less reverberation.”

- Sidi Gomes, Principal Designer at Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Design Studio

Brands We’ve Worked With

We are proud to have assisted our design partners in creating memorable design experiences for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

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