Jul 12th 2021

Choosing the Right Products to Make Your Room Sound Better

John Stein

Most rooms sound terrible and most people don’t know what to do about it. Kirei provides great-looking acoustics that are easy to understand and install, are made from recycled content, and improve the comfort and functionality of any room.

If your room has bad sound and you’re not sure how to fix it, you’re in the right place. Our Acoustic Design Quick Guide will walk you through determining your square footage, room size, and how many boxes you’ll need to create acoustic balance depending on the products you’re considering. Not sure if this is the right product for you? Read 4 Easy Tips to Improve the Acoustics in Your Room to learn more about sound issues and how to solve them.

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Acoustic Design Quick Guide

Step 1: Determine Your Square Footage

To calculate the square footage of your room, you’ll need to measure the length and width of your room and perform the following equation:

Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) = Area in Square Feet

If your room is irregularly shaped (not a rectangle or square), separate it into 2 or more square or rectangle sections. From here, calculate the individual square footage and add those numbers together to get your total square footage.

Q2 2021 Right Products Article Irregular Room Shape

Once you have the square footage of your room, continue to step 2 to find your room size.

Step 2: Find Your Room Size

In the table below, you’ll find ranges to help you find your room size. If your square footage is in between room sizes, we recommended sizing up.

Room Size Examples

Here are a few examples of different room sizes to help you determine your room size:

Small Rooms are often home offices and small personal offices.

Q2 2021 Right Products Article room size small

Medium Rooms are likely larger personal offices and smaller conference rooms.

Q2 2021 Right Products Article room size medium

Large Rooms include larger conference rooms and open workspaces.

Q2 2021 Right Products Article room size large

Once you’ve determined your room size, continue to Step 3 to determine how much product you’ll need.

Step 3. Find Your Product Quantity

Below you’ll find two easy-to-read tables to help you determine the number of boxes you'll need based on your Room Size and the products you’re considering. These recommendations will help make your space acoustically sound, but may not take up the full wall in their design - you may need to order additional boxes to complete your design. The additional coverage will only further improve the acoustics.

The first table is for rooms that contain all hard surfaces (like tile, metal, glass, wood, etc.) including the flooring. The second table is for rooms with hard surfaces and carpet flooring. The number range of boxes is the minimum to recommended coverage based on your room size.

For Rooms with All Hard Surfaces including Flooring

Q2 2021 Right Products Article Hard Surfaces Including Flooring 1000px rev2

For Rooms with Hard Surfaces and Carpet Flooring

Q2 2021 Right Products Article Hard Surfaces Carpet Flooring 1000px rev2

Please note that when purchasing tile boxes for your space there may be extra tiles depending on tile/space size and the tiles per box.


Room 1: George is experiencing harsh echoes in his personal office. The 10ft x 12ft room is 120 square feet and falls into the “Small Room” category. The office has tile floors, so he will need between 20-50 SF of product coverage to make his space acoustically sound. George can choose between 6-12 boxes of EchoTile Vee or Barcode, or 14-28 boxes of EchoTile Geometry.

Room 2: Sheryl needs to fix the sound in the main conference room. The space is 16ft x 42ft, or 672 square feet. The room falls between the medium and large sizes. The room is carpeted, so she will need between 140 and 240 SF, to which we recommend sizing up to 240 SF. Sheryl can choose from around 23 boxes of EchoTile Vee, 56 boxes of EchoTile Geometry, or 24 boxes of EchoTile Barcode.

Q2 2021 Right Products Article Barcode Tiles

Step 4. Find Your Perfect Sound

Now that you’ve determined how much product your space needs, visit our store to shop all acoustic tiles. We’ve curated a variety of patterns for you, ranging from playful geometrics to modern and elegant. Check out our acoustic tile patterns here.

Still have questions? Go here to learn more about room acoustics, or reach out at [email protected] to us and let us know how we can help.