Oct 13th 2022

Keep it 100 with Kirei Ink: Revolutionize Sound Control with 100% Original Printed Acoustic Panels


Because you see each new project as a unique opportunity and every client as an individual who needs something different, something special. Introducing Kirei Ink, custom-printed acoustic recycled PET panels and products that speak volumes without making a sound.

Help clients create the perfect impression with distinctive designs that drown out unwanted noise. Available with a curated library of 48 prints over four collections, Kirei Ink delivers endless customization possibilities through colors, patterns, graphics, and materials. From spectacular statement walls to custom-matched colors, designers will make rooms sound as good as they look with designs as original as their clients.

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“Kirei Ink is as unique as designers and their clients are. The Kirei Ink collection shows the spectrum of possibilities for Kirei and our new, on-demand digital printing. Now, any designer can easily specify the custom look their clients want with the added benefit of acoustic performance.”
- John Stein, Executive Vice Chairman of Kirei


Looking for a little inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Kirei Ink launches with 48 prints curated into four collections.


Deliver mid-mod inspired patterns that bring vibrance to any space. You’ll easily turn the volume down low with our Geo collection. From big and bold geometric repeats to serene gradients and ombres, the Geo collection is sure to get the creativity flowing. Whether colorful or neutral, geometric patterns and shapes provide a versatility that can accommodate a range of tastes and be integrated into any design. These lively, stunning prints prove acoustic panels are anything but boring.


Provide clients with the warmth of natural wood combined with the acoustic performance of PET. We love the look that natural woods bring to a space, but those hard surfaces can be tough on the ears. Even more difficult can be sourcing wood sustainably. With the printed Wood collection, you can get your clients the beloved look without chopping down precious trees. Find the stain and grain of your client’s dreams with five different types of printed wood — Pine, White Wash, Dark Walnut, Gray Wash, and Dark Oak.


Get the look of concrete and marble without the added harsh echoes. Deliver the beauty of natural stone, but light as a feather. Achieve visual tactility of fabrics with even more acoustic performance. This collection flips the script on Natural Materials. You’ll create spaces with favorite fabrics and stylish stonework while keeping those sound levels in check. When you bring the Natural Materials collection into a room, you’ll design a more holistic and calming environment.


Bring the outside in with our Biophilia collection. Printed on low-VOC recycled PET panels and featuring florals, leaf repeats, and nature designs, clients can breathe a little deeper while enjoying their daily moment of zen. Biophilia improves physical and mental health and encourages productivity by bringing elements of the natural world into our interior spaces. With the Biophilia collection’s botanicals and landscape-inspired prints, balanced sound and minds are a PET panel away.


Not enough? It's all good. Our panels are printed in-house. We would love to work with you to print your own custom color, pattern, graphic, or material. And don’t forget about custom printed products! From baffles to clouds to wall tiles, apply any print to any Kirei product to delight your clients in whole new ways. Just reach out and our team will be ready to assist!

“This high-resolution on-demand printing technology in-house at Kirei's San Diego manufacturing facility elevates the entire Kirei line. Baffles, EchoStars, and tiles can all take on an additional dimension of visual depth and texture. We’re excited to see what new worlds designers create for their clients.”
- Michael DiTullo, Kirei Design and Creative Director

100% Easy on the Environment

Not all PET is created equal! Watch out for the fine print. Kirei’s PET products are made from 60% recycled post-consumer plastics so you can be sure that every panel you specify is diverting hundreds of plastic bottles from landfills. Additionally, Kirei Ink panels come with numerous environmental certifications, including Declare Label (Red List Free), HPD, and Low-VOC. Printing is done using water-soluble, Greenguard certified PROGRAPHIC® UV ink. The LED inks contain less than .03% volatile organic compounds, are void of heavy metals, and contain up to 50% monomers and oligomers naturally derived from renewable resources, such as plants and biomass.

100% Simple from Inspiration to Installation

It wouldn’t be a Kirei collection unless we made it easy for contractors, too. That is why every print has been test installed to ensure perfect repeats that are ready to go right out of the box. Kirei Ink panels are manufactured to abut with no trimming. Contractors can set clients up with the perfect space without added stress from installation hassles. From inspiration to installation, our friendly team is here to offer assistance every step of the way and dedicated to helping you create perfect sounding spaces.

Start creating 100% distinctive designs that diffuse and dampen sound waves today. With a simple spec and a supportive team ready to help you get going, Kirei Ink panels are the perfect addition to any project to achieve a stunning look and sound. Request your sample and start designing the projects of your clients’ dreams.

Kirei Ink

Experience the quality of our Kirei Ink print collection up close. Explore the collection and request your sample box of swatches to see the difference yourself.

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Explore the collection in the Kirei Ink Look Book and additional photos below: