May 10th 2023

The Future of Acoustics is Now: Deliver the Perfect Solution for Clients with the Tessellate Collection’s 5 New Acoustic Products


Get the right angle for your next project using the Tessellate Collection from Kirei, five innovative new products to help you increase visual drama while shaping up style, sustainability, and acoustics all at once.

Easily perfect the sound quality of any project with the peaks, valleys, points, planes, and polygons of the Tessellate Collection. You’ll create new dimension that emerges from this collection’s unique cuts, innovative assembly, and hand-crafted, patent pending designs. With impressive acoustic absorption and stunning visual impact, you’ll revolutionize the look and sound of any space from biotech buildings to hotel lobbies to classrooms with the Tessellate Collection.

"We are seeing a trend emerging across multiple industries of geometric forms that visually feel like fractals as they emerge, warp, and transition around corners. The Tessellate Collection riffs off of this trend with five products that can become the hero of the space or serve as a part of a larger design concept.”
- Michael DiTullo, independent designer and Creative Director for the Tessellate Collection


Add style, subtract echoes, and help your client’s happiness grow exponentially using these five new products from the Tessellate Collection.


Trap rogue sound waves in a triangulation of PET planes that diffuse and dampen for superior acoustic control. With the Tessellate Baffle, you’ll add an acute sense of style and sustainability to any high ceiling space. While acoustic baffles have often been an afterthought, the Tessellate Baffle turns them into a key design element and focal point with its patent pending design and creative cutting techniques.


The Tessellate Pendant - a perpendicular partner to the baffle - transforms any space with the power of triangles. Create visual artistry with superior acoustic control in large lobbies or grand ballrooms by hanging Tessellate Pendants as a focal point in freeform groups or a strategic grid of straight lines. Able to be hung like a pendulum or pendant lamp, this design element makes integrating acoustics with lighting and hiding unsightly building mechanics easier than ever.


All the elegance of a simple, slight diagonal paired with added surface area for superior acoustic control. You’ll double client delight with the Dash Tile, the latest layered acoustic tile from Kirei. The Dash Tile allows you to mix and match placement and pigments to create walls that recede into the background or pop out like never before. Pick complementary colors and prints for the two different layers to add visual power to the acoustic performance. Dash’s size allows it to play nicely with both Texture and Sync Tiles so you can give every room a dash of delight.


Achieve peak perfection acoustic coverage with Texture Tiles. Easily dampen and diffuse excess sound waves in a vortex of vertices composed of recycled PET felt. You’ll maximize acoustic control and visual impact with the mountains of mini triangles on Texture Tiles. At 24mm thick with an innovative new cutting technique, this tile boasts one of our highest acoustic performances ever. Available in a vast array of more than 30 colorways, Texture Tiles are sure to bring down the volume while pumping up the drama in any space.


Deliver intricate acoustic design anyway you flip it with a new spin on our fan favorite - the Polygon Cloud revolutionizes the EchoStar+. This supernova of an acoustic cloud brings new dimension to a Kirei classic and expands the possibilities of the cloud by giving you both convex and concave options. This iconic cloud design offers 180 degree difference in acoustic control and style. Beautiful from every angle, Polygon Clouds come in Convex and Concave styles and can be installed individually or in clusters for dynamic shapes and patterns. With joiners made of the same recycled PET as the product, these clouds can be installed between lofted floors or as stairwell centerpieces and look just as visually stunning from above as below.


When it comes to Tessellate customization, the limit does not exist. It is simple to create completely custom designs with the Tessellate Collection. Mix and match products to play together like pairing Texture and Dash Tiles with Sync Tiles. Additionally, you can choose from over 30 PET colorways to fit the project palette.

Not enough? The Tessellate Baffle and Pendant, the Polygon Cloud, and the Dash Tile can all be custom printed in house with Kirei Ink. Deliver endless customization possibilities from the natural beauty of botanicals to subtle or striking stonework. Pick from more than 50 prints over Kirei Ink’s four collections or print your own custom color, pattern, graphic or material. We would love to work with you, just reach out and our team will be ready to assist!


With the cutting-edge assembly techniques and patent pending designs of the Tessellate Collection, these acoustic products warp and transform recycled PET felt into show-stopping futuristic feature pieces for your next project. From cutting to assembly, this collection is expertly hand-crafted in Southern California so you can count on precise execution from concept to construction.


Don’t second guess your sustainable solutions. Kirei’s PET products are made from 60% recycled post consumer plastics so you can be sure that every panel you specify is diverting hundreds of plastic bottles from landfills. Get exactly what you need to help achieve LEED credits and Green Building certifications with our products’ Declare Labels, HPDs, and more.

Carnegie Design Services will help you create detailed plans for your projects with ease. Here you can see some of the plans for our NeoCon Showroom planned out with CDS - check us out there to see the end results and the Tessellate Collection in person!


Our design experts are here to help you envision everything you can create with the Tessellate collection. The Carnegie Design Services team is ready and eager to assist you in delivering top-notch designs for your clients. Let us carefully curate a sample swatch or playful palette to ignite inspiration and figure out exactly what acoustic needs your project calls for with precise numbers, product names, and more details all laid out in an easy to digest format.

With a simple spec and a supportive team ready to help you get going, stunning designs are only a few steps away. Find the perfect solution to your design and acoustic queries in the Tessellate Collection. Request your sample and get started today.

Don't wait. Tessellate.

Don’t waste time waiting any longer. Revolutionize your designs with the Tessellate Collection. Explore the collection and request your samples today.

Explore the collection in the Tessellate Look Book and additional photos below: