November 08, 2018 2 min read


A colorful EchoSky baffle system modernizes and warms this vast production facility

The new dSPACE facility proves that production workspaces can be visually appealing and modern too. Kirei’s Baffles installed with the EchoSky ceiling system address noise problems and create one colorful ceiling!

About dSPACE

dSPACE recently expanded its North American operations with the opening of a new production, testing, and shipping facility in New Hudson, Michigan. With the expansion, the company is better positioned to meet growing demands for the production of its key product lines.

The Challenge

Prior to relocating the entire Hardware Engineering Design and Production group to the new facility, dSPACE tapped Landry | Cekauskas ARCHITECTURE to create an environment with modern design elements to support collaboration and teamwork. However, there was one significant design hurdle; the building was a retrofit of a typical high bay storage facility so echo and excessive sound reverberation were an issue, especially with the high ceilings.

The Solution

The HIL production lab, in particular, required a solution that would absorb sound over the collaboration zones to allow the rest of the technicians to concentrate on their work in the surrounding areas. The design team considered numerous acoustic baffle options, but ultimately specified EchoSky from Kirei since it is lightweight, affordable, and easy to install. The customizable baffles were paired with a rack system that simplifies complex ceiling installations and offers four attachment points per baffle for added stability.

“The roof in this building was not designed for an additional concentrated load, but EchoSky posed no problem. We were also drawn to the pre-designed suspension frame, which is sleek and easily supported from the ceiling.”

—Corina Hopkins, Architectural Designer at Landry | Cekauskas ARCHITECTURE

The Result

EchoSky and the modular rack system from Kirei allowed the design team to creatively use a range of colors to bring visual interest to the center of the space. By using one color for every four baffles, the lab’s overall neutral palette is enhanced with ombre-inspired shades of red, orange, yellow, blue, and grey. In addition, the baffles absorb disruptive noise which has been reported to reduce occupant stress and increase productivity.