Feb 28th 2024

Embrace Authenticity and Radiate Positivity with Kirei's 5 New PET Colors


Spark inspiration and push the boundaries of acoustic design with the five newest, vibrant PET colors from Kirei – Butter, Dusk, Mint, Cayenne, and Nutmeg. From airy and serene to earthy and rich, these carefully curated hues are an invitation to embrace authenticity, encourage growth, and shape pathways to a healthy, radiant future. Strengthen the spirit of any space using these five delightful, new hues that expand and elevate our vast array of color options and create a rainbow of opportunity.

Continuing on our commitment to versatile design, these new colorways are available in all 12mm PET panels and products (from baffles and clouds to tiles and and screens), Mura Wallcovering, and the Embossed Panel Series, offering an extensive variety of options for every creative vision.

Color, beyond its aesthetic appeal, plays a pivotal role in interior design, impacting its occupants emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being. Research indicates that color choices influence the perception of space, affect mood, and can even enhance productivity. As designers embark on the journey of selecting colors for their projects, understanding the psychological and emotional impact of each hue becomes imperative.


A perfect blend of rich and creamy, Butter's airy yellow delivers a sense of serene smoothness and joy. Beyond its visual appeal, studies have shown that yellow hues can evoke feelings of happiness, positivity, and warmth. The introduction of Butter into a space not only adds a touch of brightness but also infuses it with a subtle energy that can uplift moods. Make better sound quality look bright and beautiful with Butter.


Ignited by life's passionate moments, Cayenne's robust red adds fiery depth and vivid warmth. Red is known to stimulate energy levels and can be a powerful choice for spaces that require vitality and a sense of urgency. The inclusion of Cayenne injects a dynamic energy into a room, making it an excellent choice for areas that demand attention and creativity. Reds have been known to increase appetite from enhanced metabolism, making Cayenne the perfect pigment to spice up your next restaurant design.


Inspired by the moments in between, Dusk's sophisticated pink invites reflection and elevated awareness. The color pink has been associated with tranquility and reduced stress levels. Incorporating Dusk into interior design creates an atmosphere that encourages mindfulness and a sense of calm, making it an ideal choice for spaces meant for relaxation and introspection like health spas or hotel rooms.


Mint's soft, soothing green recalls a cool sweetness, inviting peaceful stillness and tranquility. Green hues have been linked to stress reduction and improved focus. Choosing Mint for your interior design not only introduces a refreshing aesthetic but also contributes to creating an environment that fosters concentration and well-being. Provide peace and superior acoustic performance to places that call for a quiet atmosphere and attentive mindset like yoga studios, health spas, or libraries.


Drawing from a familiar complexity, Nutmeg's earthy brown adds savory comfort and sincerity. Brown tones serve as a reliable neutral pigment that can be used across entire walls or rooms to ground a space with a sense of stability. Incorporating Nutmeg into a design not only brings warmth but also establishes a sense of inclusion and authenticity, making it an ideal choice for spaces meant for connection and comfort like group gathering spaces in the office.


In the spirit of our design philosophy, these colors are not just standalone choices; they are meant to be mixed and matched with our existing array of hues, allowing designers to create unique palettes that evoke emotion and inspiration.

Just as nature inspires our everyday choices and moods, these PET colors are a testament to the beauty and authenticity found in the world around us. Pull inspiration from stunning settings found in nature to ignite your imagination and leave your clients speechless. Get started with a few playful palette ideas from our color specialists.

Tranquil Interlude: Immerse clients in the soothing blend of Duck Egg, Butter, White, Nutmeg, and Slate. Together, these hues transport clients to a secluded lake surrounded by mountains while offering a balanced acoustic experience, ideal for spaces where relaxation and contemplation are paramount.

Spirited Exploration: Embark on a journey of creativity with the contrasting impact of Lavender, Cayenne, Butter, Dusk, and Onyx. This dynamic palette promotes innovation and encourages an ethereal excitement, making it the perfect choice for spaces that ignite exploration and creativity.

Serene Voyage: Clients will find themselves in a realm of calm and sophistication when you combine Jade, Mint, Ochre, Cayenne, and Mushroom for a timeless and versatile palette. Together, these colors create a harmonious blend that evokes a sense of peace and refinement. Ideal for spaces where a serene atmosphere and a touch of natural elegance are desired.


Kirei's commitment to sustainable design remains steadfast, with these PET colors contributing to a healthier future. As with our entire PET collection, these new colors are crafted from 100% PET plastic with at least 60% post-consumer recycled content. By choosing Kirei, you align your projects with sustainability and thoughtful design that diverts over 200 plastic bottles from landfills with every 12mm panel specified.

At Kirei, we are not just providing materials; we are offering a promise of sustainable solutions for outstanding acoustic design. Whether you seek assistance with color selection, specifications, or any other aspect of the design process, our team is here to support you. Embrace authenticity, encourage growth, and let Kirei's new PET colors be the catalyst for your next design masterpiece.

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