Jul 11th 2023

Reach Style Highs and Volume Lows with Dash and Texture Tiles


Take on troublesome echoes in any space with stunning style using Texture Tiles and Dash Tiles, two new acoustic tiles that bring tactility to walls. With the Texture Tile and Dash Tile, it’s simple to create designs that are cool to the touch and music to the ears with the unique use of recycled PET. These acoustic wall solutions bring unmatched aesthetics with superior sound absorption. Clients will love the look, feel, and sound achieved with Texture and Dash Tiles.

"The Dash Tile and Texture Tile are the epitome of beautiful and functional design. These additions to the Tessellate Collection create an immersive sensory experience through tactile engagement and acoustic performance while offering almost endless design possibilities."
- Michael DiTullo, independent designer and creative director of the Tessellate Collection


Layer in complex designs with the simplicity of a slight diagonal. With elevated acoustic control from added surface area, you’ll exponentially increase client enjoyment using the Dash Tile, our latest layered acoustic tile. The Dash Tile allows you to mix and match placement and pigments to create walls that recede into the background or pop out like never before. Pick complementary colors and prints for the two different layers to add visual power to the acoustic performance. These endless custom options make it easy to spice up any space with a Dash of acoustic intrigue.


Reach new heights in style and lows in volume with the peaks and valleys of Texture Tiles. This new acoustic tile draws in eyes and hands by taking tactility and light play to an extreme with its dense angled geometry. You’ll easily dampen and diffuse excess sound waves in a vortex of vertices composed of recycled PET felt, maximizing acoustic control and visual impact. At 24mm thick with an innovative new cutting technique, this tile boasts one of our highest acoustic performances ever. Available in a vast array of more than 30 colorways, Texture Tiles are sure to bring down the volume while pumping up the drama in any space.


Custom comes easy with Dash and Texture Tiles. Both come in a standard 11.5”x11.5” size, allowing them to play nicely with any number of Kirei acoustic Tiles like Sync. Mix and match different tiles to optimize each project’s originality. It doesn’t stop at size. Get the exact desired aesthetic for every project with a vast array of colorways including more than 30 options from striking to subtle.

Additionally, the Dash Tile can also be custom printed in house with Kirei Ink. Print it fully or partially for an accentuated layered look. Either way, you’ll deliver endless customization possibilities from the natural beauty of botanicals to subtle or striking stonework. Pick from more than 50 prints over Kirei Ink’s four collections or print your own custom color, pattern, graphic or material. We would love to work with you, just reach out and our team will be ready to assist!


Don’t second guess your sustainable solutions. Kirei’s PET products are made from 60% recycled post consumer plastics so you can be sure that every panel you specify is diverting hundreds of plastic bottles from landfills. Get exactly what you need to help achieve LEED credits and Green Building certifications with our products’ Declare Labels, HPDs, and more.


Our design experts are here to help you envision everything you can create with Dash and Texture Tiles. The Carnegie Acoustic Solutions team is ready and eager to assist you. Share your inspiration and project parameters, and our design team will create layout possibilities including budget projections, optimizing box sets, and panel counts. In the end, you’ll have the acoustic needs your project calls for with precise numbers, product names, and more details all laid out in an easy to digest format.

Whether you get started with help from Carnegie Acoustic Solutions or explore and design on your own, the process is always easy with our simple spec and supportive team of experts ready to assist. Get going on your next project and give your clients the look and sound they deserve!

Dash to better sound with a touch of Texture

Turn down the volume dial using our newest acoustic tiles. Get started with help from our friendly reps today!