Oct 16th 2019

Diamond Cloud Shines with Modularity and Advanced Sound Absorption


We love a good design challenge — that’s what led us to create Diamond Clouds. Responding to designers’ needs to provide them with more modularity in their acoustic designs gave us a perfect reason to explore creating our newest ceiling cloud solution.

The result is a visually dynamic product that cuts through noise with advanced sound absorption in high-ceiling spaces. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Diamond Cloud to the Kirei family of sustainable acoustic products.

A Cloud Made of Diamonds

It all starts with the success of our EchoStar ceiling cloud. Designers loved the shape and modularity of EchoStar, but wanted a smaller element that could scale in scope based on the size and shape of the space. Think smaller conference rooms, hallways and those more compact spaces. However, EchoStar’s unique cut and overall design pattern made scaling it down next to impossible.

So, we saw this as an opportunity to design an entirely new concept from the ground up. Diamond Clouds incorporate the versatility and sound dampening of our popular PET felt with a diamond form factor to create an exciting 3-dimensional, modular acoustic cloud system with design flexibility.

We offer Diamond in single, 2-, 5- and 10-diamond clusters, giving you more ways to dial up your design concepts from spec to finish. And with 187 in³ of airspace in each Diamond, the net effect is better sound absorption across a wider range of frequencies.

“We designed Diamond Clouds for those who want to bring sharp visual interest into their spaces,” said product designer, Kyle Sodaro. ”The Diamond transforms the flat planes of a room into a multidimensional sculptural element, channeling a more heightened minimalist aesthetic while serving its intended purpose of dampening sound where it matters. This is also the first cloud we’ve developed that incorporates a sealed air chamber to increase those acoustic properties.”

Modular Qualities for Flexibility in Design

Aside from its delightfully edgy look and superior sound absorption, we made Diamond Clouds easy to design with. From small spaces to large ones, a big part of its high-ceiling acoustic resolve rests in the interplay between its geometry and repeatability.

“There’s definitely a physical advantage to the geometry of the product since the sound essentially gets trapped in the valleys between the peaks, similar to the way eggcrate works,” Sodaro said. “Development of the Diamond pushed us to utilize the full capabilities of the ZÜND cutter, while challenging the physical limitations of our PET felt. Overall, it’s an acoustically intelligent product that supports the Kirei design aesthetic.”

Another advantage in Diamond Cloud’s design arsenal is that it’s quick and easy to install with the ability to maneuver around ceiling impediments from HVAC units to sprinkler systems. Simply hang it with mounting hardware using Flat Track, our low-profile cloud hanging system developed to keep the focus on the beauty of the design and not the hardware it hangs from.

Always Colorful, Always Sustainable, Always Kirei

Diamond Clouds are available in more than 30 colorways allowing for bold, large-scale neutral installations or one-of-a-kind combinations to match your client’s aesthetic needs. Made from our sustainable 12mm PET material, Diamond meets the requirements for the Living Building Challenge as well as LEED and other green building certifications. With Diamond Clouds, you can trust it’s not only meant to inspire beauty in the spaces you’re creating, but that it’s helping to preserve the beauty of the world at large.

Request free samples of Diamond Clouds or contact your Kirei rep to learn more about our new PET products!