Jun 25th 2020

New Shades of Inspiration: Kirei’s 2020 Color Debut


Kirei is introducing fresh colors to an already extensive palette for deeper, more imaginative design. With this new color debut, both the EchoPanel collection and Mura acoustic wall coverings offer fresh hues to celebrate summer and inspire creativity.

“We’re very pleased to launch these vivid, new colors, especially during these times of collective uncertainty and unique challenges,” says Kirei President, John Stein. “We want to encourage designers to continue dreaming of sunny days filled with exploration and travel, of road trips and ocean dips, and wanderlust-inspired creativity. From earthy and rich to light and airy, we believe this palette of colors will inspire designers to build for a brighter and healthier future.”

New Colors in the EchoPanel Collection

The EchoPanel collection is a series of sustainably-produced acoustic products that offer functional sound absorption complemented by premium aesthetics.

Designed for every type of application, EchoPanel can be installed on walls and ceilings as well as in an array of partitions, wall panels, and ceiling systems.

Adding to the existing color options within the collection, the newest color additions are deep, earthy, and perhaps even a touch nostalgic. These new colors represent the times well by adding dimension and depth, a sense of wisdom and centeredness. Despite articulating sophistication and class, they still manage to feel both inviting and warm.

  • 124 Ochre: Inspired by life’s more grounding moments, Ochre’s earthy yellow recalls feelings of balanced energy.
  • 193 Rouge: Rouge’s luscious red inspires us to remember to enjoy the sweetness in life with its rich, subtle brightness.
  • 269 Wine: Dark, but never brooding, Wine’s elegant red intentionally invites a peaceful strength.
  • 274 Orchid: Drawing from the delicate side of life, Orchid’s gentle purple aims to add a subtle calm.

  • 349 Vineyard: Inspired by our instinctual call to nature, Vineyard’s natural green conveys a neutral tranquility.
  • 384 Seaweed: Seaweed’s cool green recalls the subdued lushness of the ocean floor, inviting soothing introspection.
  • 633 Pacific: Inspired by the ocean and the fluidity of life, Pacific’s light classic blue conveys a vibrant comfort.
  • 660 Coronet: It’s a new dawn with Coronet’s deep and dusty blue that channels a serene stillness.

EchoPanel helps designers build a healthier future through sustainable, LEED-compliant materials.

Made from 100% PET plastic and containing at least 60% post-consumer content, EchoPanel allows designers and architects to meet the requirements of LEED and other green-building certifications with beautiful aesthetics and unique designs that truly suit the space.

Kirei has already saved over 200 million plastic bottles from landfills and turned into EchoPanel products. As a Red-List Free material, EchoPanel also qualifies for the Living Building Challenge—a certification that requires all project stakeholders to consider the real-life cycle impact of design, construction, and operation.

New Colors in Mura, Kirei’s Acoustic Wallcovering Series

Mura’s collection offers a wide range of textures and patterns that give an otherwise plain wall a sense of depth and interest (of course, they also help with their primary purpose: noise reduction.) Our latest color additions add both depth and softness, for a more robust selection.

  • 269 Wine: Representing passion, energy, strength and love, the color Wine adds an unapologetically strong hue wherever it is placed.
  • 330 Ivy: The color of nature and new life, Ivy evokes a feeling of serenity. Though its deep green tones, Ivy can seamlessly blend with any nature-inspired design.

  • 349 Vineyard: Inspired by our instinctual call to nature, Vineyard’s natural green conveys a neutral tranquility.
  • 487 Blush: Taking the place of millennial pink is Blush, a soft rosy neutral shade, which lends a sense of tenderness and kindness.
  • 550 Onyx: Known to make a statement, Onyx invigorates a room with its grand aptitude for statement design.

Get Inspired with Color Combinations & Palette Pathways

When creating new colors, we reflect on current and future design opportunities for the A&D community. The new colors must both breathe life into the existing palette — expanding their possibilities without contradicting their current essence — and yet also be able to stand on their own.

As part of this exploration, our color specialists ensure color continuity by creating pathways inspired by our greatest muse: nature. The reason for this approach is simple: when hues come together in a natural way, they produce something familiar, contiguous, and with great depth. Let’s look at an example.

Of course, our palettes are designed to stand alone or together; to mix and match easily, and to inspire ideas about how acoustic paneling could complement or even inform your existing design ideas for a space. Our purpose in producing these pathways is to support designers with inspiration from our team.

When considering potential palettes, imagery can be powerful because of its ability to conjure emotion and subtler sensations. If you want a space to be grounded and comforting, colors that evoke a mountainous region, still air, and beckoning sunrises, can help you accomplish that goal.

If you’re ever stuck on color selections, imagery can be a guiding resource to help you begin the process of creating.

Our Promise: Sustainable Solutions for Elevated Design

Kirei is here to support and help designers through the whole process with color that inspires, materials that support a healthier future, and service that echoes our values of simplicity and ease. We’re here to assist you in color selection, specifications, or anything else that may come up in the process.

Interested in receiving a color sample box with all of our new colors for EchoPanel?