Nov 25th 2019

Tartan Tile Combines Classic Sophistication with Modern Utility


Wallpaper can only take us so far. While it livens up your space with an easily repeatable new look, it does nothing to control sound. That’s why acoustic wall covering is the modern answer to your acoustic dilemma. And with Tartan Tile you get elevated versatility while achieving a simple, understated aesthetic.

Also known as Scottish plaid — or the “sett” — Tartan is the image that often comes to mind when we think about plaid. In addition to its ties to Scotland and a historical vibe rooted in the idea of family, Tartan is a fashionable basic we see en vogue time and again. We wear it. We live it. We admire it both on us and from afar. Case in point: We love it! And like all archetypes, it provides ample opportunity to leverage its timeless strengths as a popular pattern, while tweaking it for fresh perspective.

Horizontal lines intersecting with verticals. Squares and checks of different sizes all engaging to delight the eye. It’s amazing to watch what lines can do when you give them a little leeway to play. Like the other successful mainstays in our acoustic wall panel product lineup, Tartan Tile works hard at noticeably dampening sound reflections while ensuring your space gets a positively stylish upgrade.

Versatile, Elegant and Easy to Install

It’s absolutely paramount to select a versatile acoustic product that integrates fully with all aspects of the spec. After all, you’ve got to solve for the right look that you and your client want to achieve, and make sure the room’s sound gets an upgrade. What we love about Tartan Tile is how it delivers on elegance and dials up pattern play, while ensuring an enhanced and noticeably better acoustic experience once they’re up. Versatility and sophistication working as one — that’s the way we like it.

Tartan Tile is in line with the rest of the Kirei product line in that it’s easy to install, specify and repeat,” said product designer, Kyle Sodaro. “Building on the success of our Vee Tile, while utilizing an asymmetrical pattern on a square tile, gives this product multiple pattern options depending on install. We really love how you can easily alter it, too, by simply turning the tile’s orientation, which allows designers more versatility to create something of import without the confusion of needing multiple tile options.”

The best part is that each tile goes up nice and easy. Simply apply construction adhesive to the back, place it and you’re done — on to the next one.

Wall-to-Wall Sustainability and Color

While its classic plaid design more than satisfies a deep visual sensibility and our love for lines, Tartan Tiles also show the range of EchoPanel’s acoustic properties. As the uniquely sustainable choice in material selection, it’s amazing how we continue to find new, innovative ways to employ its use and environmental benefits.

Whether you’re covering the walls of a large open office floor plan or conference center, or the nook you’ve designed as a quiet study, EchoPanel always works with you no matter the details of your final spec. Like all EchoPanel products, it also puts recycled plastic to better use. And like so many other Kirei products, Tartan is available in 27 different colors to ensure you always get the right look for your client.

“We’re confident that designers will enjoy the ability to employ a single tile element that can cover small spaces and scale up to large walls,” Sodaro said. “There are multiple designs that can be accomplished with this tile to control the visual effects of a space. Plus, Tartan is a wonderfully sophisticated patterned EchoPanel tile that works hard at controlling acoustic issues we encounter in a lot of our modern workspaces.”

Utilizing a timeless design to deal with a modern acoustic issues — sustainably. That’s what continues to drive our intention at Kirei.

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