Oct 16th 2023

Follow the Line to Better Sounding Spaces with 7 New Acoustic Etched Panels


Energize and elevate designs with dynamic lines leading directly to better sound and happier clients. Using the seven new EchoLine® Panels of the Level Up collection, you’ll effortlessly add elegance and rid spaces of excess echoes.

From subtle to striking EchoLine’s simple, beveled grooves add dimensionality to wall or ceiling surfaces - maximizing drama while minimizing excess noise. Easy to install, abut, and enjoy, EchoLine offers controlled and lively design that balances out acoustic performance for healthier offices, educational spaces, places of worship, and more.

"With the Level Up collection, we are launching products that help designers level up any space with improved acoustic performance and iconic, impactful aesthetics. With this collection, we are demonstrating to designers that they don’t have to pick between acoustic performance, sustainability, and jaw-dropping looks. They can have it all.”
- Michael DiTullo, independent designer and creative director of the Level Up collection


The Level Up EchoLine collection provides a variety of options to choose from or be inspired by. These new v-cut etched panels are designed for full-wall acoustic coverage with easy installation while offering a variety of dimensional looks suitable for any design project. The collection features seven distinct and artfully designed etched panels: Crackle, Roman, Braid, Stucco, Santa Fe, Cloud City, and Emerald City.


Snap Crackle Panels into place for a pop of excitement! You’ll easily pump up the style and sound absorption with the playful stonework inspired design of Crackle Panels. The interlocking style of these panels allow for seamless, stunning design clients - and contractors - are sure to love.


Weave acoustic control and intricate visual impact together with Braid Panels. Luxurious lines cascade into each other while creating a cohesive design and incomparable noise control. Clients will love the end result when you use classic linework to create complex designs with the timeless look of our Braid Panels. Offer a mirrored style or repeating pattern with both A and B panel options.


Achieve the elegance of Roman columns without harsh echoes of hard stone to create a classic look with columns that rid spaces of cacophony. With Roman Panels, clients will love the refined, sophisticated visual impact paired with sonic control of recycled PET. These clean and natural lines, inspired by 1950s and ’60s architecture, offer a precise visual allure that aligns with its proven acoustic control.


Don’t get stuck with bad sound quality. Strike down excess echoes with Stucco Panels. You’ll effortlessly add flair and focus with the fanned out style acoustic performance of these etched panels. With varied bevel sizes, visual depth and impact is increased and excess reverberation is decreased creating an elevated, appealing setting. Offered in A and B panel options, Stucco Panels add the perfect pattern to any wall.


Bring the heat for style and sound control with Santa Fe Panels. Deliver desert style inspired looks that are as hot as their namesake and make your project a scorcher with beautiful beveled grooves that tell a story without making a sound. Santa Fe Panel’s grid-like bevels take inspiration from southwestern American art while providing a soundscape as serene as a secluded desert.


Help clients float above poor sound quality with Cloud City Panels. Easily build your clients a city that lives above the chaos of bad sound with Cloud City Panels. This uniquely soothing, continuous design will draw eyes around the space while focusing minds by minimizing distracting echoes. With impressive absorptive qualities, Cloud City Panels will create clear skies for echo-free enjoyment.


You don’t need wizardry to achieve the style and sound control of Emerald City Panels. Make everyone green with envy when you adorn your client’s walls with the sleek and stylish Emerald City Panels. The curved beveled design makes a simple yet striking impact creating a world of acoustic difference. Direct eyes around the room with the art-deco inspired bevels that intrigue visually and calm sonically.


Tell a sustainable story with your material choices. EchoLine Panels are made from 60% recycled post consumer plastics so you can be sure that every panel you specify is diverting hundreds of plastic bottles from landfills. Get exactly what you need to help achieve LEED credits and Green Building certifications with our products’ Declare Labels, HPDs, EPDs, and more, so you never have to sacrifice sustainability to achieve superior sound quality.


Get as playful as your client wants with any EchoLine panel. EchoLine can be custom cut to be the right size for any setting, and you can choose from over 30 PET colorways to find the perfect palette for all projects. Not enough? EchoLine can be custom printed in house with Kirei Ink. Accentuate the etched line work while delivering endless customization possibilities from the natural beauty of botanicals to subtle or striking stonework. Pick from more than 50 prints over Kirei Ink’s four collections or print your own custom color, pattern, graphic or material. We would love to work with you. Reach out and our team will be ready to assist!


Let our team help you Level Up any design. The Carnegie Design Services team is ready and eager to assist you in delivering exceptional, elevated designs for your clients. Share your inspiration and project parameters, and our design team will create layout possibilities including budget projections, optimizing box sets, and panel counts. In the end, you’ll have the acoustic needs your project calls for with precise numbers, product names, and more details all laid out in an easy to digest format.

No need to wait in line, we make it easy to start and elevate your next design. Providing clients with acoustic excellence and exquisite style is simple with a straightforward spec process and a supportive team ready to help. Deliver only top of the line designs with the Level Up Collection. Request your sample and get started today.

Lead the way to Leveled Up designs

Lift up your designs with new EchoLine Etched Panels of the Level Up collection and deliver spaces your clients will love. Explore the full collection and request samples today!

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