Nov 7th 2023

Protect Client Privacy and Peace with 7 New Acoustic Screens


Prevent open floor plans from creating acoustic chaos for your clients by dividing space and diffusing sound with EchoScreen®. While open floor plans are popular choices for modern workplaces and education spaces, they are known to cause visual and acoustic distraction. Now, you can easily stop disruptive sound waves in their tracks with the newly expanded line of EchoScreens from the Level Up Collection.

A fresh take on acoustic privacy screens, the Level Up collection of designs range from simple and elegant to playful and dreamy. Made of acoustically absorbent recycled PET, EchoScreens make it simple to reduce sonic and visual overstimulation and create healthier, more productive offices, hospitality spaces, healthcare facilities, and more.

"We designed the new EchoScreen collection to reimagine the potential of acoustic screens. These screens are a canvas for creativity and inspiration; they enhance visual and acoustic privacy and also elevate the aesthetics of any space."
- Michael DiTullo, independent designer and creative director of the Level Up collection


Provide a variety of options to clients with the Level Up EchoScreen collection that offers a multitude of products to choose from or be inspired by. Featuring seven new designs – Hexa, Ellipse, Flow, Fifty3, Coral, Current, and Fizz – each screen is crafted to offer space division and sound control, encouraging spaces that are visually stunning and acoustically balanced.


Handle harsh echoes with a softer style using the rounded corner and sleek bevels of Hexa Screens. You’ll heal sound issues from all sides with the simple, geometric, and elegant design of the Hexa Screen. Easily accentuate angular play while helping achieve more private spaces for clients to talk.


Center client concentration and contentment with Ellipse Screens. By combining sleek cutouts and Kirei Ink printing, Ellipse Screens elevate acoustic design from basic to mind blowing. This playful partition can add a pop off color while providing clients with more privacy all at once. Don’t waste time circling around other acoustic solutions - get it right with Ellipse Screens.


Create a space that encourages creativity and productivity to Flow. You’ll catch sound waves and help your clients surf to better sound with Flow Screens. Featuring a surfboard-inspired silhouette made of acoustically absorbent recycled PET, Flow Screens offer discreet spaces and softer soundscapes. With varied V-cuts on both sides of Flow Screens, you’ll create 360 degree visual intrigue.


Deliver Mid-Century Modern design that is music to the ears with Fifty3 Screens. With printing and playful cuts, you’ll effortlessly elevate any space using Palm Springs-inspired design. Nostalgia doesn’t have to be noisy with these acoustic screens reminiscent of 70s breeze blocks. Clients will adore the intricate style as sound waves are absorbed into the recycled PET.


No more fishing for the perfect partition design - reel it in with Coral Screens. Make a statement with your space division with the sleek artistic flair Coral Screens bring to acoustic control. These bold accent pieces add an aesthetic your clients have been waiting for. Pair with more solid screens in varied pigments to really make the playful screens pop!


Make a splash by changing the tide on terrible sound with Current Screens. You’ll enable style and privacy flow in as excess echoes flow out with the beautiful design and acoustic absorption of Current Screens. With hints of biophilic inspiration, you can deliver a healthier and more refreshing space that benefits all who enter the space.


You’ll make clients bubble over with joy when you include Fizz Screens in any project. By incorporating Fizz Screens, frustrating sound issues are easily fixed while increasing the playfulness and pizzazz of any space. Find the right balance of space division and sound control with every Fizz Screen added.


Keep your design process simple from inspiration to installation. The new EchoScreens can be mounted individually, arrayed in groups, or overlapped on rolling tracks for a flexible option. Change up any space on a dime with the rolling tracks that allows your client to place them exactly where they need them at a moment's notice, or try partitioning off parts of a room with easily leveled with track hardware and cables of your clients choosing. Whatever method you land on, installation is made easy so contractors will be as happy as the client.


Tell a sustainable story with your material choices. EchoScreens are made from 60% recycled post consumer plastics so you can be sure that every panel you specify is diverting hundreds of plastic bottles from landfills. Get exactly what you need to help achieve LEED credits and Green Building certifications with our products’ Declare Labels, HPDs, EPDs, and more, so you never have to sacrifice sustainability to achieve superior sound quality.


Realize the full potential of every EchoScreen by creating completely custom designs for your clients. All EchoScreens can be custom cut to be the right size for any setting, and you can choose from over 30 PET colorways to find the perfect palette for all projects. Not enough? EchoScreen can be custom printed in house with Kirei Ink. Deliver endless customization possibilities from the natural beauty of botanicals to subtle or striking stonework. Pick from more than 50 prints over Kirei Ink’s four collections or print your own custom color, pattern, graphic or material. We would love to work with you. Reach out and our team will be ready to assist!


Looking to Level Up your acoustic control and space division? The Carnegie Design Services team is ready and eager to assist you in delivering exceptional, elevated designs for your clients. Share your inspiration and project parameters, and our design team will create layout possibilities including budget projections, optimizing box sets, and panel counts. In the end, you’ll have the acoustic needs your project calls for with precise numbers, product names, and more details all laid out in an easy to digest format.

Achieve your client’s design dream with the expansion of EchoScreen. With Kirei’s simple straightforward spec process and a supportive team ready to help, it’s easy to provide clients with acoustic excellence and exquisite style. Leave your clients pleased and enthralled with the peace, quiet, and classic style of the Level Up Collection. Request your sample and get started today.

Divide space and diffuse soundwaves

Deliver the acoustic screens of your clients dreams with the revolutionized collection of Leveled Up EchoScreens. Explore the full collection and request samples today!

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