Jan 17th 2024

6 Acoustic Wall Products to Add Texture and Visual Weight to Any Space


Texture can often get overlooked in initial interior designs projects, similarly to acoustics. But as a thoughtful designer, you know both are crucial to create your clients’ dream environments. Texture increases the visual weight of any wall, while also conveying a warm mood with inviting, absorptive materials and an improved overall balance within the space.

Liven up any room with rich depth and increased dimension using Kirei’s PET panels or products that beautifully combine texture, style, sustainability, and sound absorption. Our PET, made from recycled plastic bottles, boasts a standard felt-like finish that our team transforms through innovative design and sophisticated printing. Find new ways to create acoustic harmony through texture with 6 Kirei wall products guaranteed to delight and inspire your clients.


Maximize visual intrigue with the extreme texture of Texture Tiles, 24mm thick acoustic tiles that make excess echoes a thing of the past. Offering enhanced geometry for additional surface area and improved sound absorption, Texture Tiles also allow for dramatic light play within a space. Make an even bigger impact with how you install Texture Tiles; align tiles in the same direction, rotate to push the light play even further, and customize your client’s layout with over 30 colorways. Texture Tiles are a perfect fit for large common areas that require heavy sound absorption with stunning optics. Love the look, but want to reduce intensity? Turn to Pixel Tiles.


Get playful with your designs by adding a splash of texture without overpowering the full design. Barcode Tiles, a classic Kirei product, adds a unique flexibility to any room with its dual-layered design that increases surface area for acoustic absorption while adding a more rugged texture. It’s simple to spice up Barcode Tile layouts; align the “bars” of Barcode Tiles for a sleek, unified look, or slightly offset the bars for a more energetic feel. The layered design allows for mixed pigments and patterns to create energy while reducing sound, perfect in education spaces and workspaces alike. Find a similar, sophisticated look with our Dash Tiles.


Just like acoustics, not every space calls for loud texture. Add a simple touch of texture with the softer style of Pico and Zen Panels. From the Embossed Panel Series, Pico and Zen add gentle ripples to any wall, while reducing excess noise for a welcoming environment. When evaluating how to add texture, considering how the size of the space and the scale of the texture interact can help the overall balance. Pico offers a smaller scale texture ideal for cozy spaces while Zen lends itself to larger spaces. Plus, with an easy full panel application, installers will be as happy as your clients at the end of the day.


Create a look that makes a statement and draws eyes in, but sounds like a whisper with Diamond Tiles. This artful textural focal point boasts hidden superpowers. Its geometric design adds a hidden air gap and additional surface area to trap sounds and make this acoustic tile a balancing powerhouse. Design the ultimate hospitality lobby or entryway that projects elegance and privacy with the quiet luxury of these 3D acoustic tiles. Diamond Tiles come standard in over 30 colorways and 4 different cluster sizes allowing for unique looks and simple installation. Add even more texture to your design by custom printing with Kirei Ink.


Take texture and dimension to new heights with the radical movement and excitement of Kirei’s Fins. This slab-and-fin system increases visual weight of any wall while effortlessly working around light switches, outlets, and other installation obstacles. Create stunning impact with this large scale acoustic system that is perfect for lobbies and common spaces where visual intrigue is a must. Fins are available in 3 standard profiles - Wave, Pulse, and Level - and are completely customizable with over 30 standard colorways, infinite printing options, and custom cut profiles tailored to any client and space.


Keep a low profile and lower the volume by adding a subtle hint of texture using acoustic EchoLine Panels. These full-wall panels feature a precise, reverse texture with its sleek V-cuts that heighten the visual interest of any setting. Stucco Panels (pictured above) include slight variances in the depth of V-cuts to increase impact and movement. With 12 standard EchoLine Panel styles to choose from, you can easily control the amount of texture added to any wall. Customize the look further with a vast array of colorways, printing options, and custom cutting.


As mentioned throughout this article, high-resolution Kirei Ink printing is the cherry on top of beautiful textured acoustics. Kirei Ink printed panels allow you to create texture on an acoustic surface to not only balance the look and feel of a room, but to also balance the sound. While hard surfaces - like concrete and brick - reflect sound and increase noise, printing those same materials on acoustic PET allows for the visual without the excess reverberation. Combine any of our 4 striking collections of prints - Wood, Biophilia, Natural Materials, and Geo - with the natural texture of PET Panels to enhance the printed texture and photorealism of the design.

Texture comes in many forms, and, along with acoustics, is essential to creating a warm, balanced environment that welcomes occupants. With Kirei products, you’re not just adding texture and style, you’re increasing your design’s sustainability while creating balanced acoustics for occupant health and happiness.

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